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K-Pop idols are slowly taking over Instagram. Here’s a guide to understanding what my favorites typically share with their followers and why you should follow them. G-Dragon (Side...
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K-Pop idols are slowly taking over Instagram. Here’s a guide to understanding what my favorites typically share with their followers and why you should follow them.

[BIGBANG] G-Dragon (Side A)

Instagram1If you love fashion, you follow GD to the ends of Instagram. He loves posting pictures of shoes, cartoons (the Simpsons, DBZ, My Little Pony, Sponge Bob, I could keep going…) and photo shoot exclusives.

[BIGBANG] G-Dragon (Side B)


If you want to laugh at the behind the scenes antics of BIGBANG, you should also follow GD because he develops a slip personality of mischief in seconds. He posts fanart, weird face swaps, and hilariously bad Photoshop pics of his members. Also, his videos are absolutely brilliant. Case in point, the video below showing the difference between a trolling Tae Yang and the mega-diva (and unstoppable fabulousness) that is T.O.P.

A post shared by 권지용 (@xxxibgdrgn) on

[B1a4] Baro

Instagram3If you want to try and understand the randomness that permeates Baro’s head then you should follow him on Instagram. How they get him to stand still long enough to learn choreography is beyond me. P.S. He’s like 100% sure that the minions from Despicable Me are B1a4 fans.

happy birthday~~😊

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[JYJ] Jae Joong

Instagram4If you want to see Jae Joong get stalked by sasaeng fans follow him on—I’m joking! I’m joking! If you want shirtless Jae Joong selcas where he looks moodily into the camera like you just snuck into his house uninvited (is it me or does he have a favorite angle?) and intimate videos of him playing the piano (in a room that appears to have a humongous picture of him hanging from the wall), then go right ahead!


Instagram5If you know Kahi’s cool follow her on instagram for the consequential evidence. But be warned, you will become hungry because she eats some of the most delicious looking food I have ever seen!

저 괜찮아요. 😇

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[SHINee] Key

Instagram9If you want to see Key be fabulous in every room he’s ever been in then follow him. You also get a look at the backstage shenanigans of SHINee, fashion advice (“Dress classy in the messy room.”), impromptu photoshoots, and pictures of Minho sleeping on the floor. Let the video spam begin!

im the best of ping pong # non make up sorry i look awful

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A post shared by KEY (@bumkeyk) on

snowing in seoul

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[2NE1] Minji

Instagram6If you love designer accessories, killer nail art, and want to appreciate Minji’s new nose (It’s amazing, honestly, it really suits her), then follow her! A lot of her designer pics have no description only a simple #Balmain, which is really all you need. She also put her poor dog in a bathing suit so how can you not love this girl?

[Girls’ Generation] Yuri

Instagram7If you want to travel with Yuri then follow her (in a healthier way than stalking). She also enjoys putting her dog in ridiculous outfits, walks in the park and letting her fans know what she’s doing in her spare time.

I think Minji’s pooch and Yuri’s fluff ball should go to therapy together.


If you’re on a diet AVOID Nicole’s instagram like the plague. Everything looks beyond delicious and I always get hungry! Her account might also give you KARA feels…#5forever!

생일축하합니당~~ 승연언니♥ 손떨림죄송합니다ㅜㅋ

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Jay Park

Instagram10If you #followthemovement, love over-sized caps and want to see shirtless pictures of Jay Park (because, you know, that never happens in his photo shoots), you should follow him. Disclaimer, beware of the Nicki Minaj repost, you have been warned. Also, who is that girl who got the Jay Bum Park tattoo?! Typically, I’m scrolling down his pictures shaking my head, whispering, “What on earth were you thinking when you posted this?”

few months ago 몇달전 혀랑입모양이저질이다..ㅋㅋㅋ #ilike2party #aomg

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[Beast] Yo Seob

Instagram11If you want to feel old and decrepit you should follow Yo Seob. With each selca he looks younger and younger. And there was that one time he looked 14 and all fangirls collectively gasped and cried, “What kind of anti-aging cream are you on because I NEED IT.” Note: Only hardcore Beast fans should follow him because, wow, selcas, creepy up-close selcas everywhere! Flawless skin invasion! I’m a masochist…

Seo In Young

Instagram12If you’re a glam hipster who loves legos follow sassy Seo In Young! I love her style and slightly strange obsession with toys and dangerously high stilettos. Also, here’s a pic of her rummaging through some old records (the hipster is strong in this one):


(I wonder if anyone will think this is a video and click on it…)

[Super Junior] Heechul

Instagram13Finally, I’m not really here to tell you guys to follow Hee Chul. I just want someone to tell me what is going on in this video…like, explain it to me:



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