Dear Hyomin, Nice Body is NOT a Bright Song

So, originally I was going to ignore the fact that Hyomin was forced to release the atrocity that is Nice Body, but then I read her Arena Homme+ interview...
T-ARA Hyomin Nice Body Teaser Images (3)

T-ARA Hyomin Nice Body Teaser Images

So, originally I was going to ignore the fact that Hyomin was forced to release the atrocity that is Nice Body, but then I read her Arena Homme+ interview and became insanely annoyed and disappointed. When asked about how her solo album was different to other works in the industry right now, she said she wanted to show herhealthy and bright energy.” She continued by saying, “I worked together with Brave Brothers, and he made it into a song that fits well with the bright feeling. The title is ‘Nice Body’. You’d know when you listen to the lyrics. It’s very straightforward. It says that a woman dreams of revealing skin at least once, and also says ‘have confidence’, like casting a spell on yourself. Also, there’s a line saying ‘Nice Body’ in the chorus. That’s a little stressful. Since I have to show my body and sing “Nice Nice Body”.

I’m sorry, has she heard this song?

Let’s pen a letter to her.

Dear Hyomin,
Nice Body isn’t a fun, bright song. It’s a sister’s, a brother’s, a mother’s, a father’s, a friend’s worst nightmare and a victim’s anthem. If this song was in some way supposed to be funny, well, no one’s laughing. Even in the MV, the director tried to make some convoluted parody, putting a chunky body suit on you and having you eat a magical donut like all the diet pills that promise to be magical. But the truth is, there’s nothing funny about what you’re singing about. You’re singing about a girl starving herself to get attention. The song begins with, “All girls go on a diet at least once. All girls want to be loved. A prince of my dreams will appear for sure.” First of all, no, not all girls go on a diet at least once. I’ve never been on a diet. I have friends who have never been on a diet. Thank you for generalizing the female population into such a wonderful stereotype. Also, apparently if I want to be loved and have the prince of my dreams I NEED to diet – it doesn’t matter what my current weight is (healthy or unhealthy), it doesn’t matter whether I’m happy with my body and life (wonderful or pathetic), it doesn’t matter whether I could give two shits about finding the perfect guy that doesn’t actually exist and would rather be with a guy who’s wonderful, sensitive, funny and just an all around amazing individual (because if he’s not good looking and doesn’t fit society’s standards of beauty, then I’m settling and I’m stupid).

T-ARA Hyomin Nice Body MV

Also, I believe the line where you admit you’re harming yourself but it’s WORTH IT to have a nice body and impress the guy you want is: “Not eating what I want. I will be strong. I will endure through the pain.” Mmmm. Oh, then there’s the part where you seem so consumed with what everyone is thinking of you (which seems a little self-absorbed and exaggerated if you ask me) but you’re determined to change because this hypothetical prince you haven’t met deserves it; he deserves your nice body, you don’t deserve it, you’re just giving it to him. So all this pain, and suffering, and talk of change isn’t because you want it, it’s because you NEED to do it for this person that might not even exist. What’s the line again? “I will fall in love, I will show everyone. I will change. You do deserve it.” Right. Right.

T-ARA Hyomin Nice Body MV (2)

I also love the part where you describe your body and automatically follow that with the desperate chant, “Give me love, give me love, give me love!” That really sounds like you’re happy, fulfilled, and emotionally stable. Then after you apparently gain the nice body in the song you sing, “Everyone is shocked. Everyone falls for me. No one can look down on me.” ………are you fucking kidding me? NO ONE should have looked down on you in the FIRST place because they didn’t think you had a nice body. In fact, if people are looking down on you the first thing you need to tell them is to check their priorities. The second thing you need to do is follow that with, “That would affect me if you mattered to me but you’re a worthless piece of shit that tries to put others down because you can’t handle your own insecurities. Run along. You’re wasting both our times here.”

T-ARA Hyomin Nice Body MV (5)

So yeah, you’re not singing about a nice body, you’re singing about something called anorexia and possibly body dysmorphia. Call your song that, because someone who starves herself doesn’t have a nice body. I love you. You DO have a nice body, but you also have a nutritionist who works with you, and a shitload of money has been invested in your career so your health is monitored constantly. And yes you’re on diets, but I still think all the exercise and practice that you do also plays a part in staying in shape. So don’t sing about getting a nice body by simply starving yourself. It’s called eating healthy (which isn’t automatically categorized as a diet), exercise and moderation. This was simply a really distasteful song and it sucks that it had to be given to you (still love your photoshoots though). I was excited about this comeback, but yeah, no, I’m just pretending I got those great fashion teaser images and then CCM canceled the project.

T-ARA Hyomin Nice Body MV (3)

When the teaser with the “fat-suit” came out I thought the song would be a parody like 200 Pounds Beauty. It would make fun of how people try to pursue this perfect body image when there’s really NO SUCH THING. Everything is subjective; every culture views a “nice body” as a different thing (you have a killer body in Korea but in a lot of South American countries people would try to feed you in every street corner out of concern). I thought the song would show, like the movie, that even if you get the nice body, you won’t be happy if you aren’t honest with yourself. Having a nice body doesn’t mean you’ll love yourself. Having a nice body doesn’t mean someone will love you. Having a nice body doesn’t mean your life will get better. So starving yourself to get to an end that could actually kill you because of malnutrition and other health issues seems very stupid. And not something to be celebrated.

The thing is, I can’t really be pissed at you. you’re part of an industry that creates products and is only concerned with making profits. You have very little say creatively, despite what your company and fans may want to preach otherwise. I can’t be entirely upset because it’s your job to sell me this song even if it’s garbage. Even if you think it’s a terrible song, you have a contract and you have to sell this to me with a smile while hating yourself behind the scenes. I just hope you don’t agree with this song’s message and value yourself more than those lyrics imply. I also hope that T-ARA fans absolutely detest this song and don‘t believe it‘s terrible message. #TeamTARA

The sad thing is that in the interview she says she cut her hair to “throw away her pretty looks” and to try something new. Then they make her sing this song that is all about being self-absorbed in the eternal pursuit for perfection. But I think the saddest thing she said in the interview was: “I think I go up on stage only caring about what people see. I want to express myself the way I am on stage and on normal days, but I can’t. I have to be what I’m stereotyped to be, do what I’m told to do. That’s tiring.”


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  • Sori
    29 July 2014 at 3:09 pm
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    I love Hyomin but I agree 100% with you that these lyrics are terrible. I don’t have anything against lyrics that promote having a healthy body, but the message here isn’t about being healthy but about being as skinny as possible or else nobody will respect you and you won’t find happiness in life.
    I have a friend who starved herself for days and fainted afterwards in front of my eyes so I really find these lyrics problematic. :/

    However, I might be in the minority but I really like her haircut this era, it makes her look more mature.

    And Off-Topic, but I’m curious about Kara’s comeback, Seungyeon looked angelic in the teasers but I don’t know how Youngji will adapt to the group. I really hope for a new DSP group with Sojin and Shiyoon, I’d be seriously upset if Sojin won’t get to debut.

    • kpopbreak
      29 July 2014 at 10:04 pm
      Leave a Reply

      I’m pretty sure the rest of the Baby KARA members will debut (this won’t be the first debut for some after all). Plus, it would be stupid of DSP not to debut them after promoting them with the reality show. But then again, DSP is a pretty terrible company so you never know. I can’t wait to see this MV. I’m literally going to prepare a bowl of popcorn for the event.

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