KARA “맘마미아 (Mamma Mia)” MV Review

Today, I’ll be be reviewing KARA‘s Mamma Mia A.K.A. I Think It’s So Great That DSP Respected the Opinions of the Remaining KARA Members and Kept the Group As...

Today, I’ll be be reviewing KARA‘s Mamma Mia A.K.A. I Think It’s So Great That DSP Respected the Opinions of the Remaining KARA Members and Kept the Group As Three Instead of Exploiting The Situation For Fame By Making Some Kind of Reality Program…MV.

KARA Day & Night MV GIF 4
The SongKARA Park Gyuri Day & Night MV GIF 4

Hey there KPOP fans, need some 80’s music to work out in your neon Pilates bodysuit before heading out to your next Yoga class while rocking out to your Cher mixtape? Well, I’ve got the song for you! It’s called Mamma Mia and although it’s like thirty years too late for it’s time period, if there’s one thing I “totally dig” it’s techno, disco atrocities that make me feel like a Night at the Roxbury backup dancer. You guys are going to think I’m being sarcastic, but I’m dead serious. I love this song. It’s a nauseatingly loud monster that has appealed to the trashy listener within me. That listener is also that evil voice in my head that has grown to love Jessica and Krystal’s Say Yes (Even though it sounds like a Transformer crawling out of a mechanical vagina). Speaking of which, have you guys heard the version in BoA’s movie? They either lowered Kris’s featured voice beyond recognition or he turns black as soon as he steps on American soil. But back to KARA, the instrumental is fantastic and the lyrics are forgettable. It’s a song about being in the spotlight and party, party, party. Not much to it. In that aspect I’m disappointed. I was hoping for a comeback with at least slightly meaningful lyrics after the last tremulous months. But it’s DSP and if there’s one thing that company knows how to do, it’s destroy. The Triple S army is still pissed.

The MV Plot + Execution

KARA Day & Night MV Gif
KARA Goo Hara Day & Night MV GIF 2A plot? That’s funny. It looks like the girls took over Koda Kumi’s hotel and taught her enslaved staff a new dance routine. I can’t blame them though, considering this hotel has like zero clientele I would have done anything to pass the time. The sets are really well constructed, I’ll give them that. The scenes in the lobby look really good with the columns, chandelier and fake marble floor. But I could have done without the totally real orange sky and random butterflies. There is literally no reason for these butterflies. The song is about a party; the MV is about dancing around and then wearing expensive couture gowns indoors. Where do the butterflies fly in? (EH, EH! Not my best but…) I mean, I’m not going to pretend this is some kind of “rebirth” signal, because I’m the queen of bullshit and that’s a stretch even for me. Maybe that butterfly has been flying around totally lost since Park Bom’s Don’t Cry. But whatever, Seungyeon has learned her angles, Hara is not about to be put in a corner, and Gyuri is putting on her best angel face before setting off the next T-ARA scale war in KPOP.

The only weird thing about this MV was that there was this one background dancer that would get close-up shots, which was weird. Sometimes she would mouth the words too, which was even weirder. She also appears to not know how to properly hold a book. Hope they fire her.

What I Wanted In This MV That Isn’t In It

Ji Young and Nicole.

New Girl Zooey-Deschanel-crying-gif
The Wardrobe

KARA Park Gyuri Day & Night MV GIF 3Wow. KARA hardly ever disappoint when it comes to wardrobe. Yes to the Jaison Couture gowns, the high waist pants and chunky retro boots. I also loved the white-black contrast between the KARA girls and the background dancers, and the idea between switching the colors to keep the scenes interesting.

As for the hair, I loved Hara’s crazy, frilly ponytails that are uneven. I don’t know why those gave me nostalgia.

Boo to Gyuri’s hideous palm tree dress.KARA Goo Hara Day & Night MV GIF 3

Boo to that background dancer’s frizzy hair.

And boo to that random tattoo on Hara’s shoulder…is that thing real?

The Dance

Is it just me or Hara really, really looked like Namie Amuro in this MV? Only two words can describe this dance:

KARA Goo Hara Day & Night MV GIF 4Sexy…

KARA Han Seungyeon Day & Night MV GIFand fun.

MV Rating: 2.5 Stars/ 5 Stars [Love the song, disappointing MV overall, but it doesn’t matter. KARA is still awesome.]

KARA Park Gyuri Day & Night MV GIF 2

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  • legmex
    13 January 2015 at 4:45 pm
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    the back ground dancers are a band dances with T-ara too….. what’s it’s name anyone knows?

    • kpopbreak
      13 January 2015 at 5:46 pm
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      You can try looking under DSP Media’s website: Some companies name which dance groups they have under contract. Or you can look through concert performances to see if the girls introduced the dance team in the end.

  • Tim
    20 August 2014 at 7:44 pm
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    That background dancer is gaining fans by the minute, though.
    And it looks like the three girls love her.

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