Orange Caramel “나처럼 해봐요(My Copycat)” MV Review

Today, I’ll be reviewing Orange Caramel‘s My Copycat A.K.A. I’m Think I Went Cross Eyed While Watching This MV. The Song I don’t know how to say this but…this...
Orange Caramel My Copycat 4th single album

Today, I’ll be reviewing Orange Caramel‘s My Copycat A.K.A. I’m Think I Went Cross Eyed While Watching This MV.

Orange Caramel My Copycat MV GIF
The Song

Orange Caramel My Copycat MV Nana GIFI don’t know how to say this but…this is my least favorite Orange Caramel single. No! How could this have happened? My flawless trio! I mean it’s not a terrible song, it’s just an okay song that occasionally makes me mute the MV so that I can appreciate the visuals without feeling like a parasite is eating my brains. I honestly found the looping saxophone extremely jarring and redundant. I loved Lipstick and the saxophone tries to imitate a similar tune—but it just sounds too Saturday-morning-cartoons for me. However, I have a feeling this song runs in the same family as Red Velvet’s Happiness. It slowly starts getting to you even though you hate it. You listen to it, and you hate it, every second, but you still listen to it continuously. And you don’t know why you’re doing this, and you feel like a masochist. And then you open your iTunes and you do it again…Am I the only who does this? I don’t know, I feel really weird right now. As for the lyrics, the girls have moved on from wanting to be like Catallena and now want their boyfriends to be like them. The song is about how simple it is to be involved in a relationship; it’s a cheery chant to get their boyfriends to remember anniversaries and keep the spark with romanticism. An actual lyrical line: “Copy me, copy copy copy copy me copy me.” This song would have been amazing in Fight Club. I love these girls.

Fight Club Copy Machine Everything is a Copy

MV Execution + PlotOrange Caramel My Copycat MV GIF 2

A LOT of effort, time and practicing went into this MV so I have to give serious props to the director, planners, and Orange Caramel. The theme is Where’s Waldo x Spot the Difference. Also known as one of the most intense MVs ever since for the first time in forever (oh my god, I hate you Frozen!) no one is looking at Orange Caramel. You find yourself more interested in how many chameleons are on the table and if there is in fact a banana on that tree. Orange Caramel My Copycat MV GIF 3But my favorite sequences were the Where’s Waldo scenes where you had to find the girls in a large crowd. I always had to pause the video because I couldn’t find all of them otherwise. But those scenes were really great because the extras were very funny: you had a pack of nuns huddled together gambling, an obese bunny playing ping-pong, a Bruce Lee imitator, someone performing CPR on a dead bear, a sushi chef at the turntables, and only god knows what else I missed. This was a very funky way of showing imperfect imitation and only Orange Caramel My Copycat MV GIF 4Orange Caramel could have pulled it off. My second favorite thing was when the shadows had a life of their own and didn’t follow the girls movements. It was very playful.

The Acting

I’m impressed. The girls had to basically shoot the same scenes twice almost frame by frame. Raina impressed me the most since she was always the closest with her mannerisms in both. I’m guessing the girls headed back to the mirror for hours of practice to be able to pull this off. So A+ for effort!

The Wardrobe

Orange Caramel My Copycat MV GIF 6
Everything was great except for that Styrofoam Statue of Liberty crown that Nana was wearing, which I wanted to burn. I loved the showgirl headdresses and out-of-place white shirts with bikini design. Yes to the MCM dresses and the minimal eyeshadow. But those drawn eyes over their eyelids were just…horrifying.

The Dance

There was the power-walking train…

Orange Caramel My Copycat MV GIF 5
Followed by “Look at me, look at me!”Orange Caramel My Copycat MV GIF 7
And “Look how many fucks I give—None, none, none!”

Orange Caramel My Copycat MV GIF 8

MV Rating: 3.5 Stars/5 Stars [My dislike for the song keeps this rating from going up.]

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