Movies Starring K-POP Idols [Part 1]

Bring the popcorn!

KPOP idols are multitasking hard workers: they’ve written books, walked the runways, and even stared in movies. Here’s the first part of my list of idols who have crossed into the film industry in the hopes of expanding their careers. Get the popcorn ready, because I’m having a marathon.

[T-ARA] Eunjung in White: Melody of the Curse

Character: A member of fake girl group Pink Dolls. The group plagiarizes a song and becomes popular, but whoever becomes the lead singer always has a terrible accident. (Sidenote: I LOVE this movie. It’s hilarious and suspenseful.)

DVD Price: $19.99

Rain in Ninja Assassin

Character: A ninja who betrays his clan and becomes a target. (Sidenote: Another movie that I love. Great, great plot…)

DVD Price: $9.99

[Brown Eyed Girls] Ga In in The Huntresses

Character: Part of a trio of bounty hunters during the Joseon Dynasty

DVD Price: $29.99

[JYJ] Jae Joong in Jackal is Coming (or Codename: Jackal)

Character: A kidnapped Hallyu star under the custody of a terrible assassin.

DVD Price: $40.99

[Miss A] Suzy in Intro To Architecture (or Architecture 101)

Character: A student in an introductory architecture class who falls in love with a fellow classmate. (This is the film that earned her the title of “Nation’s First Love.”)

DVD Price: $29.99

[BIGBANG] T.O.P in Tazza 2

Character: A young man who gets sucked into the world of gambling, with amazing hair.

[B1a4] Jin Young in Miss Granny

Character: He plays a rebellious youth who accidentally falls for his grandmother, when she’s magically transformed into her young self again.

DVD Price: $34.99

BoA in Make Your Move

Character: A dancer/drum player who falls in love with the adopted brother of HER brother’s worst enemy. Seriously.

DVD Price: $15.49

[U-KISS] Dongho in My Black Mini Dress (or Little Black Dress)

Character: A fellow student in Min Hee (Yoo In Na)’s English class who just can’t deal with her.

DVD Price: $19.99

[MBLAQ] Lee Joon in Rough Play

Character: An actor who suddenly becomes a superstar and discovers the dark side of the film industry. (Sidenote: G.O. calls this the “Butt Movie.”)

DVD Price: $28.99

[2PM] Nichkhun in Seven Something

Character: A young man who encounters an older woman and encourages her to finish a marathon.

DVD Price: $20.99

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