Super Junior “슈퍼주니어 (Mamacita)” MV Review

Today, I’ll be reviewing Super Junior’s Mamacita A.K.A. Someone Lost Their Melons, Siwon’s Mustache Needs To Be Surgically Removed, and The Member I Hate The Most Just Told The...
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Today, I’ll be reviewing Super Junior’s Mamacita A.K.A. Someone Lost Their Melons, Siwon’s Mustache Needs To Be Surgically Removed, and The Member I Hate The Most Just Told The Haters To Shut Their Tongue…What Just Happened? MV.

Super Junior Mamacita MV GIF 2

The Song

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Someone call a doctor! I actually like this song. Wow, how long has it been? No Other came out in 2010 so that’s like four years of being disappointed. But finally, a trumpet-flaring song that doesn’t take itself too seriously, that takes T-ARA’s iconic (but sadly immensely racist in that context) Yayaya chorus. I also want to say that I am not biased toward this song because Mamacita is one of my many nicknames, along with Satan and Susie Cucumber, and a stream of others I can’t remember. Also, I’m positive this song was specifically created to appeal to the growing Spanish market consuming KPOP. Smart SM, you beautiful growing conglomeration with a dead heart.

Super Junior Mamacita MV GIF 4

So let’s talk about the lyrics. This song is yet another ELF anthem. Just what the world needed…It’s about not taking yourself too seriously, not over-thinking things and having the members support you the same way you’ve supported their dreams (“I am here, we are here, there is a future to be excited for. Until always, we will gain strength once again.”). At the same time, the song takes a jab at critics (specifically netizens), saying they shouldn’t waste their time creating scandals and lies online to gain fame, because at the end of the day Super Junior is still at the top of the industry (“Whoever started it first or not, I just want to stop and end this. Words that provoke each other, it’s like a war without purpose. They just see the benefits right in front of them at the moment. They try to hide their sharpened teeth.”). I really liked the part where the members chant, “Donghae also says that,” then Donghae jumps to the forefront as they say, “Yes!” The part I could have lived the rest of my life without hearing is the “Shut your tongue” rap section. It’s obvious SM is just doing bad Engrish now on purpose and it’s no longer funny.

MV Plot + Execution

Super Junior Mamacita MV GIF 14

Why is there a matador in the Wild West? I mean, you’re going for an American Western theme right? And then you put a Spanish matador? I’m so confused. Other than that, this is what the entire MV reminded me of (which I think was the intention):

Oh god, I feel so old. So the boys are in an old Western town fighting over a bejeweled crown. The MV had it’s funny moments (Kangin having an existential crisis after losing his melons), it’s awkward moments (If you read the newspapers you find out that Siwon’s character is called Jorge de la Cruz), it’s insane moments (how does a BARTENDER have enough money to pay the robber for a crown jewel?), and it’s unnecessary moments (Siwon’s dramatic death. I wish Leeteuk would have shot the mustache off his face.). However, overall I thought the MV was boring. If you’re going for a parody, have the close-up shots match the story and theme. Be silly overall. The guys were trying to do “fierce” in the well-lit studio scenes when they should have been more casual and carefree.

The Acting

Super Junior Mamacita MV GIF 13

Academy Award.

Super Junior Mamacita MV GIF 6

I love T.O.P but Kyuhyun belongs in Tazza 2.

What I Wanted In This MV That Isn’t In It


Super Junior Hangeng

Also, I would have loved for there to be posters with Kibum’s face everywhere that said MISSING.

super junior kibum

Seriously…WHERE. ARE. YOU.

The Wardrobe + Styling

I’m going to talk about Sungmin’s hair here but his hair deserves like it’s own section. I. LOVE. IT. I feel like he can’t see with it most of the time like those fluffy dogs whose hair gets into their eyes, but it sure looks cute.

Super Junior Mamacita MV GIF Sungmin

Then there is Siwon’s hideous mustache. He KNEW we hated the last one in Swing, so what does he do? He makes it bigger and hairier. He is such a troll.

Super Junior Mamacita MV GIF 7 siwon

I liked the red suits and the blue suits. No complains there.

Super Junior Mamacita MV GIF 10

The Dance

This dance  move hurts me. I feel like they’re having chronic migraines and are bashing their heads to help alleviate the pain. No, I can’t. This is just not a fun move for me.

Super Junior Mamacita MV GIF 9

Then there’s this, which I’m gonna call The Backward Crab.

Super Junior Mamacita MV GIF 3

Followed by Hey Girl, I’m Making Some Smoothies.

Super Junior Mamacita MV GIF 5

MV Rating: 2.5 Stars/5 Stars [Liked the song. The MV was underwhelming though.]

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    Maybe you should give credit to those gifs you stole.

    • kpopbreak
      13 September 2014 at 6:45 pm
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      Maybe you should click on the sources link at the bottom of every post before commenting.

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      * Grabs Popcorn *

  • Lexi
    6 September 2014 at 6:22 pm
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    I am not even an ELF just a general fan of this album. Seriously if you are going to review A song of the group that you don’t like to begin with, then why bother reviewing it in the first place? So much sarcasm and throwing shades here and there. Rather than a concrete solid analysis, it was more of you ranting lol. We get it Siwon has a mustache! geez. The mustache is not real, /so let it go/. Its for the character…

    • kpopbreak
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      I like Super Junior: No Other, Sorry Sorry and Shake It Up are three of the most played songs in my iTunes. Being a fan doesn’t mean you have to like everything a group releases blindly and that you have to worship every member. Also, I did like Mamacita. I specifically said that in the first paragraph. I even said which was my favorite lyrical line. The MV reminded me of Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam cartoons and I was disappointed SUJU didn’t fully commit to the silly nature of the Western town, which is why I gave them a low score (sacrilege). As for my “review process” (if it can even be called that) I usually have an MV that I’m looking forward to, I avoid all teasers, and then I review it seconds after finishing it. If I’m disappointed, I’m not going to lie. Yes, I was sarcastic but I actually did love the melons melodrama, the fact that Siwon is a total mustache troll, and the crab dance. lol So yeah, sarcasm isn’t always negative and derisive, it is also playful. Just thought I would clear that up. Either way, thanks for the feedback.

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