T-ARA “Sugar Free (슈가프리)” MV Review

Today, I’ll be reviewing T-ARA‘s Sugar Free a.k.a. BRB Going To The Hospital, Had Multiple Seizures MV. The Song T-ARA is back with an addicting electronic dance track composed...
T-ARA Sugar Free Boram

Today, I’ll be reviewing T-ARA‘s Sugar Free a.k.a. BRB Going To The Hospital, Had Multiple Seizures MV.

T-ARA Sugar Free Jiyeon Dance 8The Song

T-ARA Sugar Free Hyomin Dance 8

T-ARA Sugar Free soyeonT-ARA is back with an addicting electronic dance track composed by Shinsadong Tiger and Bumee & Nangee. I love the instrumental, despite it’s surrounding controversy that it sounds like DVBBS and BORGEOUS’s Tsunami. I kind of hear the similarities, but I’m not an avid follower of house music so almost all the songs sound the same to me. Either way, what really makes Sugar Free for me is the bottle cap opening sound effect. I love that—it’s quirky and fun and really gives the track an addicting punch. The lyrics, however are Why Are You Doing This? 2.0. Holy whiny lyrics. The lyrical story is basically the girls complaining that their boyfriends are no longer sweet to them. T-ARA have never  T-ARA Sugar Free qri boramhad the most feminist lyrics out there, but then again a lot of their tracks make very little sense in the lyric department to begin with (see Yayaya and Roly Poly), but a specific line really annoyed me. It was, “In just one moment, you made me pitiful.” CRINGE. More like, “In just one moment I realized you didn’t appreciate me so I dumped your ass and got myself someone who actually respects and admires me. Now we’re drinking sodas. They’re sugar free, sugar free!”

The MV Plot + Execution

T-ARA Sugar Free EunjungWait, give me a sec guys, I’m still partially blinded from all of the lights and can’t see the screen. The T-ARA editor strikes again! How has this man not been FIRED?! How can anyone watch this and think, “Yes, one-second shots of everything, all the time, I love it, they’ll get it. This is what short attention spans were made for!” No. No. And why are there malfunctioning strobe lights in every scene? If the girls came out of this shoot without losing at least 30% of their eyesight it’s a miracle. First of all, obviously there’s no plot to this MV other than the fact that the girls look amazing. It’s just studio shot after studio shot. I have no problem with that except I couldn’t really appreciate any scenes because they were hacked mercilessly. The only shot I could really enjoy was the one where Hyomin is wearing the flawless red and white suit while the blue silk fabric flows around her. What else was happening? I have no idea and I’m not going to put my eyes through that torture again to find out. I think Eunjung was inside a discarded EXO MV room (consult Mama for reference) and Boram was inside the worlds tiniest pool. I think…but those lights made me forget what I did for half the day.

The Wardrobe

The best part of this MV was the clothes and I have to say Hyomin and Jiyeon took all the best pieces.

I loved the bejeweled jacket and cat-eye sunglasses!

T-ARA Sugar Free Hyomin Dance 4

Hyomin’s suit was insanely classy and sultry.

T-ARA Sugar Free Hyomin Dance 5
Then there’s Jiyeon and her leather pants…

T-ARA Sugar Free Jiyeon Dance 7The Dance

I got to kind of see a couple dance moves while being assaulted with bad editing.

This is the scene where Hyomin points at you and says, “Sit down if you know what’s good for you.”

T-ARA Sugar Free Hyomin Dance
This is the “and pass the plate” move.

T-ARA Sugar Free Hyomin Dance 2
And finally the “your space, my space” move.

T-ARA Sugar Free Hyomin Dance 3

MV Rating: 3 Stars / 5 Stars
[Despite the seizure inducing MV, this song is too good]

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  • Ray
    17 September 2014 at 10:29 am
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    Can i just say that Soyeon is the star of this comeback? Whether you like it or not, her soaring vocals on the chorus is what made the song works. Not to mention her style for this comeback makes her… STUNNING. This is the comeback of T-ara that makes me her biggest fan.

    • kpopbreak
      17 September 2014 at 2:41 pm
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      Yeah, this comeback did feel like it tried to give each member a more individualized, unique style. Sometimes Soyeon can blend in the background (my bf didn’t even know she existed until like a year ago!) but she’s finally being showcased more. I mean, she’s literally the VOICE of T-ARA, she should get screen time.

  • S
    13 September 2014 at 1:54 pm
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    Boram’s face though…

  • Yinthe
    13 September 2014 at 10:21 am
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    The girls look great! But they really should fire the editor. Less flashes, and more seconds per shot please..

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