Ji Eun “쳐다보지마 (Don’t Look At Me Like That)” MV Review

Andrew Ryan: Would you kindly review Ji Eun’s new music video? Today S and I will do a joint review of Ji Eun‘s Don’t Look At Me Like That...
Song Ji Eun Don't Look At Me Like That MV Review

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Andrew Ryan: Would you kindly review Ji Eun’s new music video?

Today S and I will do a joint review of Ji Eun‘s Don’t Look At Me Like That a.k.a. Welcome to Rapture, Jack, We’ve Been Expecting You MV.

The Song

E: I liked the song, it was very 90’s ballad. That’s my favorite musical era because I was young and willingly brainwashed into worshiping the Backstreet Boys. I was, however, lied to by a lot of news outlets that stated that B.A.P’s Bang would be featured in the song! I should have known better…but my hopes were crushed so suddenly that I haven’t had time to fully recover. But it doesn’t truly matter. Ji Eun’s naturally melancholic voice remains perfect, though my favorite part of the song was the ticking clock sequence. As for the lyrical story, it’s extremely vague. According to TS Entertainment, the plot is about forbidden love. However, the imprecise lyrics lead it up to the listener to interpret just what kind of prejudice the lovers in the story are facing (“They whisper and go against us. What’s wrong? Why not?”). Are they being judged because they belong to different social classes or races? Is it based on a religious principal or gender bias? It’s up to you. S?

S: I’m very upset that the second love of my life was not featured and will seek revenge very soon. Well, by soon I mean when I’m not lazy. Apparently, the MV was supposed to have a story line but all I saw was a lot of Ji Eun beauty shots and then the song didn’t really go along with it. I mean, I love the song. It’s very repetitive and I think that’s why I love it. It is genuinely good. The beginning sounds kind of desolate and mysterious, but once the chorus starts it picks up, eventually changing completely.

The MV Plot + Execution

E: Above, you can see the first thing I thought of when this MV hit it’s climax.

Song Ji Eun Don't StareSong Ji Eun Don't Stare 4

Song Ji Eun Don't Stare 2Song Ji Eun Don't Stare 3

S: You will not take me to Rapture! I have serious PTSD from that place. There isn’t a night where I don’t think splicers will emerge from the shadows to slice my neck. Seriously, I could not think of anything else as I watched this MV, not that I minded. Cohen’s parties are intense! I don’t know how Ji Eun made it to Rapture but I advice her to go to the nearest Gatherers Garden and get some Plasmids, trust me, she’ll need them. That Cohen is a lot toned down, wait until he goes bat shit crazy and stabs you in the appendix. Good times. The only thing I can think of is that she’s singing about the music business and how troubling it can be for an idol. Ji Eun is literally chained up (place slave contract reference here) and is being sold to the public, who are generously and thoughtlessly giving their money to her captor. The masks make the bidders anonymous, which could represent fans, which are then set on fire thanks to INCINERATE! I’m starting to think Elizabeth and Booker had nothing to do with the fall of Rapture, it was all Ji Eun going on a killing spree.

Bioshock Plasmid Incinirate

Song Ji Eun Don't Stare 7

E: I remembering receiving a frantic text from you saying Ji Eun had used a Plasmid. But I didn’t see it shoot out of her hand so someone has been playing too much Bioshock…Anyway, what I love about Ji Eun is that she tries her best no matter what material is given to her. This MV obviously had a very set and limited budget, but you can tell the staff tried to be as creative as possible to make up for it. The chain connected to the camera, the veil close-ups, the hauntingly sweet bunny masks – it’s all about very obvious representations of enslavement and hypocrisy. If we go the Bishock route, which you will, then those that mock forbidden love in the story also love to torture and destroy those that are different from them. But the main idea, or moral, of the story is – you really shouldn’t be a prejudicial jerk or your victims might just set you on fire one day.

The Acting

Song Ji Eun Don't Stare 11(E: This is the calm demeanor of someone who just started a fire with her mind and wants to see others burn.)

The Wardrobe

Song Ji Eun Don't Stare 9(E: I love veils and widow-like wardrobe choices. Try out for the next American Horror Story season and I’m done.)

Song Ji Eun Don't Stare 8(E: These glamorous hat choices in K-Pop are killing me! I want them all!)

MV Rating: 3.2 (E) + 3 (S) = 3.1 Stars

Bioshock Splicers

We’re out folks!

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