In What In The World Is Happening?! news, Jessica Jung posted on her Weibo that she was dropped by SM. Excuse me? Come again? Let me go get the...
SNSD Jessica Dropped by SM This Is Bull

In What In The World Is Happening?! news, Jessica Jung posted on her Weibo that she was dropped by SM. Excuse me? Come again? Let me go get the alcohol because K-Pop has me on the brink of a meltdown right now. What a year! What a terrible, terrible year! The screencap of her Weibo is below…

SNSD Jessica Dropped By SMKey Oh my gooodcrying omg

I would be laughing right now and rolling my eyes a la “Yeah, Taeyeon and Baekhyun are totally going out” way, but I think this might be horrifyingly TRUE. Although 80% of me thinks she’s been hacked, my SNSD obsessed best friend has had me on the phone for the past half hour convincing me otherwise, and I don’t know what amount of chocolate will be necessary to bring her back from her heartbreak coma. Jesus Christ. The reasons why this might be true?

  1. Instead of flatout denying the post and saying Jessica was hacked, according to moonROK, SM stated “They’re looking into it.” I’m sorry, looking into what? Saving your stocks because that’s not gonna happen.

  2. She wasn’t at the Incheon International Airport when the girls headed to China for a fan meeting. Also, all the girls looked bloody miserable at the airport. For pictures of that go to this page on Dispatch.

  3. She wasn’t at that China fan meeting…

Reasons Why This Is A Horrible Move On SM’s Part (If It’s True)

  1. Jessica is dangerous and will rip your face off.

  2. Jessica is one of the three most popular members in the group. Name the country. She’s there!

  3. She speaks English. That’s a useful skill if you’re trying to take over the music world.

  4. She’s a fashionista, has her own clothing line, just finished her own reality show, is a CF darling, is considered one of the most beautiful Asian women in the world…I could keep going but by now I’m just…ugh…

  5. HER SISTER is the most popular member in f(x). Way to put her in a terrible situation SM!!!!

  6. Why…just…why?! She hasn’t had a single scandal this year (those stupid “marriage” rumors don’t count). Like S told me, what is she the head of a drug ring? Is that going to come out in a few days? Because otherwise this is a pointless and idiotic move on your part.

  7. Say goodbye to the millions. She’s taking them with her. (Along with a lot of fans.)

In conclusion, I hope this is fake and I’m heading to Publix for some strawberry chocolate cheesecake.


I had spaghetti instead and I don’t know who did this, but DAMN you. #SaveJessica

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But if you are leaving, my wonderful Ice Queen, PLEASE take Zhang Li Yin with you!


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  • Yinthe
    30 September 2014 at 3:20 am
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    The downsides of being in a European timezone… I wake up not only to find news of her weibo post, but also of an SM statement saying that she is indeed no longer part of SNSD.

    My favorite group =(

    • kpopbreak
      30 September 2014 at 1:44 pm
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      I can’t believe they kicked out one of my favorite members! Not to mention the most photogenic and fashion-savvy member! My best friend is seething because the other SNSD members haven’t said anything (It’s her favorite group too). I’m really afraid that she might set her Girls’ Generation album collection on fire because that is a lot of invested money…I seriously don’t know where SNSD could go from here.

      • Yinthe
        30 September 2014 at 2:03 pm
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        I can’t believe it either. And here I was so happy that SNSD is one of the few groups that has been around for years without any member changes or members leaving.. I knew they wouldnt last forever, but I really thought they had a good number of years left before splitting up/becoming less active.

        Not too sure on what is going to happen now either. Jessica is talented enough to manage on her own and the group could manage fine with just 8, but it doesn’t seem right. They always seemed rather close and talked about how they wanted to stay as a group for a long time to come.

        I won’t set my cd’s on fire though. But I’m really upset about this. SM, what are you doing to my favorite groups? First you don’t seem to give f(x) the attention they deserve and now this.

        Waiting for any message from the other girls as well. And just generally more information on what the hell is going on/why this has happened and so suddenly. It’s all so out of the blue, no warning, no nothing.

        • kpopbreak
          30 September 2014 at 2:16 pm
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          Yeah, S has gotten to a point where she’s just annoyed and disappointed. I think the forcing out was just irrational and hurtful. Why couldn’t she go on hiatus? Suju’s Kibum has been on hiatus for like four years and has never officially left the group! AJ from U-KISS left to study in America for a while and they didn’t kick him out either! It’s such a harsh decision!

          • Yinthe
            30 September 2014 at 2:48 pm
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            Agreed, going on an hiatus would have been way better. Or rather, have them announce that she will go on hiatus after like this or that event.. Give everyone some time to get used to the idea and stuff

            • S
              30 September 2014 at 3:33 pm
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              I woke up this morning and I just hated everything. I’m currently glaring at the Taeyeon calendar to my right. I should take it down no? Also, my cds! I can’t look at them. I was going to buy Holler and now I can’t!

              • Yinthe
                30 September 2014 at 3:50 pm
                Leave a Reply

                I wouldn’t do much at all, just give it some time. If you do decide to take the calendar down, put it somewhere safe.

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