Luhan Files To Terminate SM Contract / TAKE COVER!!!

Oh my god, the Tree of Life is dying! These seedlings are dispersing faster than carbon monoxide! I mean, when the skies and the ground were womba legends, this...
EXO Luhan Files Lawsuit Against SM STart Drinking

EXO Luhan Files Lawsuit Against SM STart Drinking

Oh my god, the Tree of Life is dying! These seedlings are dispersing faster than carbon monoxide! I mean, when the skies and the ground were womba legends, this shit wasn’t in the holy scriptures.

So, according to various media outlets (and some of my favorite trashy music blogs), EXO’s Luhan has filed a lawsuit at the Seoul Central Court against SM Entertainment. He wants the company to terminate his contract. The rumor goes that he gave a date to SM to work out a compromise and the company didn’t solve the issue (the “issue” is another vague rumor about an illness, overwork, and basically being over it). And now we have another SM lawsuit on our hands!

Someone get Tao and tie him to a chair before Kris and Luhan start texting him with ideas! Okay, okay, that’s a bit extreme. But you would think with the conspiracy theories plaguing the comment sections of these announcement articles at least one person has suggested it. There was this one girl who was certain that someone has been sabotaging SM Entertainment this year and to that girl I say, yeah…tell that to the sixty+ millions the company has made so far. I mean, we have to give props to Luhan and Kris for leaving if they were unhappy with their working conditions. And even if everything is peachy and perfect, people have the RIGHT to leave a situation if they realize this isn’t their dream or passion (or the company they want to work for). I’m expecting Luhan to become a TV darling and get a million Build-A-Bear Workshop CF deals. Is that thing still around? You know, that creepy kids’ store where you say something into a mechanical heart and then shove it into the carcass of a stuffed bear. Yes? No? Whatever. Anyway, EXO only has Tao and Xiumin in my eyes now. And if my prissy Gucci queen leaves, then I won’t really follow EXO anymore. Obviously, there are still really popular members in it, there’s no doubt about that (Has anyone found any fanart of Taemin hugging a teary Kai after this was released?), but I’m just not really interested in them. Chen has an amazing voice, Kai has Taemin potential, and Chanyeol is on crack. They’re great, but I just couldn’t really…nah I would probably still follow them but it would just be you, you know, hawkward.

I mean, I ask very simple things from the companies that manage the bands I like:

don't fuck it up

But SM, you know, is just special. The good thing is that other people are really taking this in stride:

Luhan files lawsuit against sm

I’m afraid of searching the “hunhun” tag on Tumblr because that shit must be on fire right now. How quickly are the fanfics being deleted? Start saving them you guys, the era of Absolute Chanyeol EXO legendary fanfics is ending. Yeah, I know about that, you fangirls can’t pull anything without me finding out. I have eyes and ears everywhere and my Tumblr dashboard is a dark place filled with mystical wonders. Also, if you’ve read the original manga, Absolute Boyfriend, that ending is not surprising. I am straying here…

OMG but Tao, seriously. SM, go give him another MV acting feature now! Preferably, one that isn’t for a remake song. NO WAIT – I have a BRILLIANT IDEA. Make him assistant creative directer at Jessica’s Blanc & Eclare fashion line. That would be the only way I could deal with his (After School like/Bekah-riffic) “graduation.” And give Zhang Li Yin something productive to do! Give her an OST! Give her a concert! (Keep her away from Taeyeon!)


After all the shit that has happened I feel like BoA deserves an award for longest, most exemplary SM artist EVER.

If any of you are feeling nostalgic, go play the EXO Drinking Game. I know what I’M going to be doing this weekend. Okay, it’s been a pretty whatever month, I’m just looking for an excuse to get drunk. Oh my god, what a year…


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  • Yinthe
    10 October 2014 at 7:31 am
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    What a year indeed….

    I’ve never really been into EXO, but something isnt going right if 2 out of the 12 have decided to leave. Both naming being overworked as one of the reasons.

    Im hoping that maybe this will get trainees to think about being in the entertainment industry and if it’s really worth it. Maybe, but probably not..

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