Jessica Jung Wears “Valentino” + Apple Daily 2014 Interview

I have a thing for dangerously long bows that can get stuck in fans.

Jessica Jung Apple Daily Interview Blanc and Eclare Valentino (2)

Our Head Designer and Savior, Jessica Jung, had an interview with Apple Daily about her Blanc and Eclare fashion brand. Give me a hallelujah! For the interview, she wore a very simple, bow-embellished Valentino dress that can be yours for $2,462.00. Oh Jessica, you’re killing me with these amazing fashion choices. Anyway, the dress is in greater detail below. I’ve also included some interview highlights where Jessica discusses marriage, her music career and the future of her brand. Jessica wants to bring Blanc & Eclare to Barneys. Make this happen Fashion God!

Jessica Jung Apple Daily Interview Blanc and Eclare ValentinoValentino Bow-embellished wool-blend crepe mini dress ($2,462.00)

Interview Highlights:

1. The brand BLANC & ECLARE has been established for two months; what are you hoping for?
I’d like to take it one step at a time, slowly developing my career. I want to do something similar to other people sharing their wardrobes; right now it’s sunglasses, and later there will be other products. I hope every woman will use the things I’ve designed.

2. You have expanded overseas, including to South Korea, China, Singapore, etc. Is there a place you would most like to expand your business to?
Right now, I want to expand in Asia the most, but before long, I would like to expand to the United States; I would like to bring my brand to New York and my favorite department store, Barneys.

3. What are your future goals for the entertainment industry?
I can’t disclose a lot of things, but I would like to continue singing and acting, and having more opportunities to meet with fans. I also have an interest in honing my skills in filming for movies and dramas.

4. Now that you’re facing a different job by yourself, what is the biggest challenge? Do you feel really pressured?
I debuted as a very shy person, not understanding how to do an interview, but now I have to face the media one-on-one. I’m not very used to this, and before, when I didn’t speak, people would think I wasn’t happy; now I have to overcome this difficulty, and it is a challenge as well.

Read the rest of the interview on this page in Soshified.


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    Love her outfit for this interview!

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