Jolin Tsai Accused of Copying TaeTiSeo / I Also Own Rollers So I’m Suing

Korean netizens had the nerve to speak badly about my C-Pop QUEEN Jolin Tsai. I’m not sure whether I’m having an aneurism at the stupidity of these allegations or...
Jolin Tsai Accused of Coping TaeTiSeo

Korean netizens had the nerve to speak badly about my C-Pop QUEEN Jolin Tsai. I’m not sure whether I’m having an aneurism at the stupidity of these allegations or have laughed myself to death and Hell looks exactly like my room (which isn’t completely out of the question). According to Chinese news source Sina (and now various other blogs), netizens were spreading rumors that Jolin Tsai’s Play (see above) plagiarized TaeTiSeo‘s Twinkle MV because Jolin was also wearing hair rollers and had a paparazzi scene.

I’m going to need a moment now.

I don’t mean to burse your bubble guys but…

I don't mean to burst your bubble but(I’m really enjoying bursting this bubble…)

Since when are hair rollers patented to a single artist? Because if they are, my mother can be making millions right now. Someone send me the petition so that I can sign her name for her and get my $10 once the case gets to court through a liberal activist group. And I mean if hair rollers belong to ANYONE it’s the Queen B below.

Beyonce Irreplaceable(Beyonce is SM’s spirit animal.)

I mean, really? Korean netizens need to find a new hobby. If they want to be so quick to point fingers, maybe they should note that Jolin Tsai was the first person to lie in a puddle of red glitter (several years before HyunA’s Red was even a concept in anyone’s mind) and work a pole like a class act (waaay before Ga In started falling off the pole while practicing for Bloom).

none of my business

But then again, anyone with any rational thought would realize that those two things are such vague, basic creative decisions, that it’s like saying, “I’m going to sue you, because I was also breathing in my music video.”

So she has rollers and the paparazzi are following her. As we all know, the paparazzi only follow TaeTiSeo and no other celebrity on the planet, so how DARE Jolin steal the concept of being overwhelmed by camera flashes as thirsty paparazzi crash shoulders to get the perfect shot of her. That is just shameless…(Britney Spear’s “Piece of Me” plays in the background)

So. Ridiculous. The Troll Wars needed to end after the trilogy. You know what I need right now. I need Kris to sign with Jolin Tsai’s company, Warner Music Taiwan, like now. What I would GIVE to receive these kinds of company comebacks on a daily bases:

In response to the suspicions, Jolin Tsai’s agency has officially rejected all the allegations, saying, “There has been no plagiarism. Taiwan is creative enough to not copy such trivial things from Korea.”

oh no you didn't

(Sadly the GIF was not part of the official response)

Your move netizens!


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    Yeah, there was no need to accuse her of copying TTS. Yes, she was also wearing hair rollers, but it looked nothing like the Twinkle MV. Oh well…

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