Winner + Elle November 2014 Interview

Winner had a very extensive interview in Elle’s November issue. The members discussed every possible topic, from their biggest regret to their must-have beauty item. You can check out...
Winner Elle Magazine November 2014 Issue BTS (12)

Winner had a very extensive interview in Elle’s November issue. The members discussed every possible topic, from their biggest regret to their must-have beauty item. You can check out some interview highlights below! It should be noted (although I didn’t include it in the following excerpts), that Jinwoo has exquisite taste and was the only member to mention his favorite designers (Thom Browne and Saint Laurent – tear). To look at another BTS video and preview shots of the photoshoot click here. Stay adorable, guys.

Interview Highlights:

1. Do you think it was your destiny to do music?
Taehyun: My original dream was to become a geographer, my hobby was getting on a subway alone and getting off at a random station, and looking at the environment just before the exit. When I was in elementary school, I lived in Hanam city but because I was curious as to what kind of place Gangnam was I went there, and when I arrived, I realised, “what a wide world”. I started wanting to become a singer started when I was in middle school. It was a period when I needed change, I had the thought that I wanted to become a person that’s acknowledged by everyone. I was a little popular at school and had good reactions when I sang. It was a period when I heard that I had a good voice. When I get hooked on something, I tend to stick with it until the end. After realizing that I had to become a trainee before becoming a singer, I just went to auditions without any planning. This company… that company… there are almost no companies where I didn’t audition. But I failed all of them.

2. I heard Mino has excellent drawing skills, Taehyun [do you draw] too?
Taehyun: I tend to draw on canvas with acrylic paint. Rather than, “I’ll draw this”, I like to draw where my hand goes to. When I do this, it’s my personal time, so it heals me.
Seungyoon: The similiarity between the 3 of us is that we’re from art high schools and we like drawing and music. When I was young, I did art for a little while, then I transferred schools during the 5th grade and when I made new friends, they opened my eyes to pop songs.

Winner Mino Drawing Skills Epik High

3. What do you think of the debut concept, like a group from a well-off household, mature and classy, “Winner from birth”?
Seungyoon: I liked it. I felt that it fit really well too.
Taehyun: Because I didn’t live like that, I thought it was gonna be fun and it was fun. The size of my confidence changed.
Seungyoon: The concept of us debuting under a reality show can be seen as a contradiction. What was shown during the program, of us being lousy and being cooked in life and smelling of it too, are all true. However, the luxury that was inherent in us was shown simultaneously with our debut so it has a huge meaning. I gained faith in the message, “From now on you’re going to have a life like this.”
Mino: We just came out with something as simple as a concept but I’m fascinated at how our mindsets changed. I think we’re wearing the clothes of luxury well.
Seungyoon: I think our members have good ‘talent’ regarding that. I think the fact that we can portray a changed concept is our ‘talent’.

4. Do you like the team name?
Seungyoon: At first, I said “What the heck is Winner” but after we got it, I liked it. (laughs) In any situation, we can be winners.

5. How do you take care of your physical health?
Mino: I don’t do it, no, I can’t do it. Recently, I’ve been feeling like I’m enduring all this with the body I made during my trainee period.
Taehyun: I feel like I’m going around always running out of breath.(laughs)? It’s like my life span is becoming shorter.
Seungyoon: If we take 10 years worth “out of breathness” right now in advance, maybe we can do music comfortably later. I very much hope that’s what will happen.(laughs).
Taehyun: I’m going to run away. To Europe
Mino: I’m going to go to Jupiter. I’m going to get a contract with NASA.
Seungyoon: I’m gonna go to Uranus!
Mino: Uranus is not in our galaxy! Physical health first. Let’s think about space later (laughs)!

6. Frequently ordered menu coffee shop? (This is important to me because reasons!)
Seungyoon: Vanilla Latte
Jinwoo: Fruit juices. (Apple juice!)
Seunghoon: Espresso Frappuccino + whipping cream
Mino: Iced Americano with an extra shot
Taehyun: Green Tea Frapp

To read the whole interview click here.



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