Jessica Jung’s “Blanc & Eclare” To Have Malaysian Pop-Up Store

Good news fellow Jessica fans, our Victoria-Beckham-in-the-making has some exciting new business plans! Blanc & Eclare is set to launch its first pop-up store in Malaysia in December. The...
Jessica Jung Blanc & Eclare Malaysia Pop-Up Store

Jessica Jung Blanc & Eclare Malaysia Pop-Up Store 2

Good news fellow Jessica fans, our Victoria-Beckham-in-the-making has some exciting new business plans! Blanc & Eclare is set to launch its first pop-up store in Malaysia in December. The store will be called Respec, since apparently it stemmed from a collaboration with eyewear brand Respec.Co (A.K.A. Respec Co). In the exclusive event, only 100 limited pairs of Blanc & Eclare sunglasses will be sold and only five of those will be signed by Jessica herself. You can stop by the pop-up store from December 10th to January 4th!

To keep ourselves updated, here are some details about Respec.Co. The company is a self-proclaimed “avant-garde provider of luxury eyewear that demands respect. Respec.Co will sear your eyes with beauty.” That’s nice. So I looked at their online store and their aesthetic is very similar to Jessica’s line of sunglasses. Here’s a preview:

Respec Co Jessica Jung

I think this is another smart business move on Jessica’s part. It’s like when an unknown artist chooses to be featured in better known artists’ songs. Fashion collaborations are a stepping stone for brand solo galleries and showcases. I just hope she doesn’t get stuck doing collaborations forever, like a “celebrity” endorser (a la Nicki Minaj for Sears) rather than a full-time, accredited designer. But Jessica supposedly wants to go to fashion school and make a name for herself, so we’ll see!

Unfortunately, in the end, she will have to probably choose between music or fashion, since doing both sounds near impossible. They are insanely demanding careers. If there is an industry more hectic and insane and drug-ridden than music, it’s always the fashion industry. Name the country, if you have a respected Fashion Week, you have some seriously overworked designers on the constant brink of mental breakdowns. They are usually creative directors for established fashion houses, creative directors of their own lines, consulting directors for at least three different collaborations for “affordable” lines presented in big retail stores, the face that does press for all of their things (when you can’t throw a model into the paparazzi fire), overseers of everything – from accessories to what the hell they’re going to send down the runway in six hours to six months from now, etc. Oh god, I’m getting stressed just thinking about it. But good luck Jessica!

By the way, my favorite thing about this new picture is that Jessica looks like she had too much to drink, but doesn’t really care.


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  • dn2193
    29 November 2014 at 6:39 am
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    hey i realy enjoy your articles abt Jessica; since i am a fan of her that became obssesd with her new since “9,30” ; after all i becam to realise that it is indeed impossible to poursue both designe and singing career , so it s wether she freez her blanc activities and focus on her solo entertaimet projects untill her SM contract ends wich is impossible cause then b&e will fail ; or focus on her fashion career go to shcool etc and became a real designer wich will afect her fan base badly since they first kneew her as an entertainer and re waiting for her come back as a signer also her her fan sites will close and lose relevancy in the music undustry wich leads us to think that SM SNSD may have had a good point that pushed them to force her to choose
    what i see now is she is in a verry critical situation , and hopfully she can comeback as a singer otherwise every one will came to point on her , and time will tell us
    what do you thik ?

    • kpopbreak
      29 November 2014 at 2:46 pm
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      Frankly, I think it will be very difficult for her to make a name for herself in the fashion industry. She will likely be considered a “small business” for a very long time, yeah, a 40 million dollar investment is a small business – crazy. The pace Jessica has adapted (sunglasses collection, two big retail collaborations) is very slow right now, but she’s seriously just wetting her feet. Once the first ready-to-wear collection is launched, she will likely have to dedicate all of her time to the brand if she wants it to be successful, cohesive, and punctual.

      If she wants to be a full-time designer AND singer, she would likely have to do the following: She could hire someone else to be creative director of Blanc & Eclare and then she stays as the “face” of the brand, but there are several issues with that. 1.) She actually wants to design her stuff, so it would likely feel hypocritical and fans would see it as shallow or lazy. 2.) She is an entertainer with various other endorsements (just recently she went to a fan signing for Lapalette), so she would have to cancel all of her lucrative spokesperson deals (which is a HUGE cash cow for celebrities). 3. She would still have to choose between fashion and musical appearances and then she would have to choose who she is representing at the event (Jessica the singer or Blanc & Eclare).

      The thing is, I DO think it’s possible to do both. If she concentrates on fashion full time and sees music as a creative hobby to pursue only sometimes. But eventually, she will have to let music go entirely. I mean, I really dislike Victoria Beckham’s designs, but I have to give her credit for being a smart businesswoman. Jessica needs to follow her example. She can keep Blanc & Eclare, but she should also create a diffusion label with more affordable prices. She should minimize collaborations once she has deals with enough luxury department stores. I would say, keep a flagship store in Hong Kong and maybe Seoul. That’s it. Then she needs to win over critics and other celebrities. She can only have her own friends wear her designs for so long, and they’re not even actually wearing them right now! Send out samples! Make phone calls! This part is up to good PR, smart appearances, international recognition, and perhaps a couple of high-profile magazine interviews. I say, try to become part of Concept Korea. Now to the fans, well, I don’t think many Girls’ Generation fans will stay with her, but I think she’ll gain new ones. Only the older fans, the ones that are growing with the girls and not the new teenagers getting into K-Pop, will probably stay.

      Jessica can use music to complement her fashion line. For example, Coltemonikha has done this and now designer Nicola Formichetti is trying to do this with his new band color-code. She could record at least one mini album per year, should only wear her brand in music videos/performances, and she should play the exclusivity card (where she doesn’t show up at every music show to perform but rather does special shows only – she wouldn’t have time for full-scale musical promotion either way). In fact, this should be the FIRST thing she does and then go full-blown designer.

      Okay, I wrote a lot…whoops. But yeah, that’s what I think. I have a lot of feelings about fashion….

      • dn2193
        29 November 2014 at 5:45 pm
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        thank u for replying :), i actually agree with everything u said and then i think having at least a mini album a yr is verry good news for her fans at the moment cause even in snsd they only had one comeback a year so that will defenetly be good , but then thinking if she can be allowed to have that considering that she is still under SM for the next 3yrs (why given job to smone who trashed their strongest group s image)
        After all i mean SNSD s contract will end in 3yrs from now and eventuelly every girl wil pursue her one path ; so i think that if she could balance the entertaiment ad desiging for this comming yrs that would be great for her , but then that is just too good to be true; cause just from the news i am seing she is verry busy with her brand at the moment even if she expressed her wish to sing !!
        what u said abt her having to only promote her brand made me think that would be one of the strongest reasons to SM s .
        about GG ; this week they re having the concert of thier dreams in tokyo dome wish that she could performe with them,sounds sweet but it is impossible now
        Any way wish them all the best , hope Jessica could find happiness in her new adventure
        One think that i am afraid of is the media play in Korea will bring her down cause for the moment every one is pointing at her as a greedy person that broke the group apart, and that afected her image in Korea , there is basacly no article supporting her in there and they all agree to the point of her being not up to the level of a desinger !! after all only time will tell us the end of her story

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