KPopBreak’s Top 10 Stories of 2014

It’s 2015! It’s time to look back at KPopBreak’s 10 most popular posts of 2014, ranked according to view counts. Some of these are expected, others are highly confusing....
red velvet happiness

It’s 2015! It’s time to look back at KPopBreak’s 10 most popular posts of 2014, ranked according to view counts. Some of these are expected, others are highly confusing. Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

10. Beast’s “Good Luck” MV Review [Read here…]

Beast Good Luck MV Dong Woon (2)

The list begins with my music video review for Beast’s “Good Luck.” In my article, I praised the song for portraying one of the few mature breakups in K-Pop, discussed the Vegas theme, asked about Jun Hyung’s indecipherable drunken voice, and condemned the stylist who put Little League socks on Yo Seob and then put a pile of dirty clothes on Hyun Seung and called it fashion. So, what made this post so popular? I’m guessing it’s all the steamy bedroom GIFs…

9. Affordable Fashion: Red Velvet “Happiness” Look [Read here…]

Red Velvet Happiness MV Fashion 2

My first request post was about Red Velvet’s sporty/preppy fashion from their Happiness teaser images. I had a lot of fun finding affordable counterparts, from flower headbands to sheer, layered skirts. Apparently, readers loved the style of the SM rookie group and wanted to replicate the look on a reasonable budget.

8. Korean Brand Spotlight: Arche [Read here…]

Arche Korean Fashion Brand Hyomin Arenna Homme, Lee Yoon Ji, Ok Joo Hyun

Korean brand Arche was huge in 2014. The green laurel leaves pattern was seen on the pages of every major fashion publication in Korea. In my article, I talked about the inspiration behind Arche’s popular S/S 2014 collection and then showed fans some of the dozens of K-Pop idols and actors who had worn the designs in pictorials and to prominent events.

7. 10 Best Dressed [June 9 – June 15] [Read here…]

Song Hye-kyo, Shanghai International Film Festival 2014

Back when I had weekly 10 Best Dressed lists, the voting was always rather intense. (I should start those again but they require so much browsing…) Till this day, the most popular Best Dressed list is from June 9 to June 15, where the likes of Kim Hyun A, Shin Min Ah, Kim Tae Hee, Choi Sooyoung and Song Hye Kyo, among others, faced off for the week’s title. Song Hye Kyo fans flocked to the site to support the actress’s Shanghai International Film Festival look. With over 60% of the votes, the actress will likely never be dethroned…

6. The U-KISS Individual Teaser Images For “Mono Scandal” Should Be Illegal [Read here…]

UKISS Kiseop Teaser Image Mono Scandal

This was my spam of the U-Kiss Mono Scandal teaser images where I was super excited about their comeback. Sadly, I was eventually disappointed by the video and song, but I love U-Kiss. I still really, really wish they’d leave NH Media…

5. Korea’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Ep.2 [Video Recap] [Read here…]

Ah, Korea’s Next Top Model, good times, good times. Since I never continued my recaps for various reasons (like my video editor going back to school), I’m planning on doing a Where Are They Now? segment. Anyway, this article was my video recap of season 5, episode 2. S and I laughed about Bitchy Girl possibly throwing competitors’ toothbrushes in the toilet, ‘oohed’ nonstop as models kept slipping in their water-themed photoshoot, and praised D.O. for his ballerina grace.

4. Yoona + Innisfree (Color Glow Lipstick) [Read here…]

Innisfree Girls' Generation Yoona

My post of Im Yoona’s endorsement of Innisfree’s Color Glow Lipstick collection is quite popular. I’m guessing fans were happy to see what shades she wore in her ad pictorials and where to buy them for affordable prices.

3. Baekhyun and Taeyeon Are Dating And I’m A Unicorn [Read here…]

Exo's Baekhyun Girls' Generation Taeyeon

Baekhyun and Taeyeon’s fake-ass relationship should be nominated for the stupidest scandal of the year award. The fact that EXO fangirls started smashing Oreos and messaging Baekhyun with their disappointment was also beyond ridiculous. But so amusing. This is still the worst rehearsed scandal of the year and I’ll stand by that until they “break up.” Yeah, okay.

2. Nana + “Furla” For High Cut Vol. 127 [Read here…]

After School Nana High Cut Vol. 127 Furla Bag

This is perhaps one of my most to-the-point posts in this blog. Nana photographed in High Cut with cute Furla bags. These bags are apparently quite popular! The Metropolis Mini crossbody bag is still on my shopping list.

1. EXO ‘Die Jungs’ Photobook Preview (Theme: German Orphans) [Read more…]


My most popular post is about EXO’s photobook? Really? I think it might be because I actually gave their photoshoot a theme: German orphans in the city, who escaped a hellish orphanage and are now running around dressing like Mario and Luigi mafiosos and wearing Sesame street hats. I guess I really sold that!

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