Junsu (XIA) “Flower” MV Review


Today, I’ll be reviewing majestic Junsu‘s Flower A.K.A. Junsu Is A Saint Seiya Knight Who Projects Florescent Vomit And I’m Fangirling So Bad Right NOW!!!! MV.

Junsu Xia Flower Music Video 2

The Song

Junsu Xia Flower Music Video 17Junsu wrote and composed Flower, which sounds like a giant auto-tuned orchestra smashed together with a string of water droplets falling onto a microphone. I love it! Then there’s the heavy breathing, that weird/faint “uh” that sounds like an angry horse in the background (Oh, it’s Tablo!), and was that a cello?! I’m so buying this album despite its Kylie Minogue mid-90s cover. But, honestly, the best part of this song is the poetic lyrics. The lyrical theme is all about overcoming a deep depression, shunning public ridicule, and desperately asking for help. It’s a roller coaster ride of emotions with a realistic approach to pain. I loved a lot of the lines in the song such as “Cuz lies can’t kill the truth” and “The countless scars that imprison me // They’re like sad thorns that dig into me.” Junsu Xia Flower Music Video 18But the BEST lines, which I believe were delivered by Tablo, stated:

“You’ve become the world’s hot topic then you turn into ash.
Then they take away each piece of you.
Your life – Your soul – Your world
They cannot kill it.
Look at me, I’ve died but I opened my eyes again, I killed it.
The darkness swallowed me but now I’m swallowing you.”

Junsu Xia Flower Music Video 20Are…are these tears? Is Junsu once again singing about never giving up on his dreams and the volatile nature of the media and “celebrity” status? Is he singing about the unpredictability of fame and the injustice he faced when he left his entertainment company? Is this song, disguised as a love anthem, truly a piece of advice for other singers in the highly competitive music industry to not measure their self-worth based on sales and popularity? Or has my bullshit meter totally broken and I’m out of control? We will never know, unless he discusses it in upcoming interviews, which he will, and then we’ll know.

The MV PlotJunsu Xia Flower Music Video 3

Now that we know the lyrics, let’s talk about the glorious music video storyline. On the first watch, Junsu is merely the king of a post Apocalypse world whose greed and insatiable taste for opulence has created rebellion in his forces. Although what led to humanity’s downfall is left open for interpretation, it is implied that it was an artificial intelligence uprising. One day, Junsu’s gladiator forces burst into one of his many dance parties and throw a severed robotic head at his feet as a  sign of disrespect and disobedience. I’m guessing the gesture means that they think of Junsu as merely a tyrant who has taken over the place of their previous oppressor. Junsu-Xia-Flower-Music-Video-3.5And what does Junsu do? He melts that head down and has it for his tea time. Words cannot describe how much I love this man. Of course, our poor Junsu does not realize it was all just a trick, a highly dramatic lie, and he begins vomiting (blue, florescent, glow-stick goo that matches his hair) on the floor. A little girl, a persistence hallucination that plagues his every thought, laughs at his misfortune. Then we are transported to a simpler time, when Junsu was just another scavenger trying to survive rather than the king who rallied runaways to create a new civilization.Junsu Xia Flower Music Video 6 Finally, he arrives in the afterlife on a dinosaur looking horse and with some badass head gear. He is determined to succeed and dominate in this new realm.

After the second watch, and consulting the lyrics you suddenly realize…oh my god, this is the world’s most beautiful, metaphorical middle finger. The post-apocalyptic world represents Junsu’s career after leaving SM. (Someone hold me!!!) The king, the IDOL, who was once loved unconditionally by his people is now hated. His followers rebel against him and demand his exile from the throne and their land…the entertainment industry. (Grabs tissues.) Junsu Xia Flower Music Video 5He was poisoned by those he trusted (Gold is power – gold is money – gold is media play). He is “killed” by those who once followed him and protected him (heh…) – the headlines turn poisonous, the fans turn praise into criticism, that company we all know shuts doors, and the fame is a hindrance rather than a prestigious title. (I ran out of tissues, god damn it!) And through all this, Junsu keeps the kind of fashion sense that Lady Gaga is still trying to achieve till this day. You perfect, blue-haired enigma of a man. Oh, the little girl represents his innocence, back when he thought fame never faded and those who support you will never turn their backs. Junsu Xia Flower Music Video 7The little girl laughs in his face because even though he’s a grown man, he is more naive than her. The scene where Junsu is dirty and covered with haggard clothing represents having to start from the bottom all over again, a veteran in the music industry being forced into the hardships of a rookie. I’m not sure about the plated fish except that it could represent Junsu himself: a carcass in a vast sea of other fish that are trying to survive, a replaceable mass-produced illusion. Of course, the gold can also represent the embellishment of fame and it’s cheap value, since gold can be melted down to cover anything – even trash. But that interpretation is a little harsh.

Finally, the mutant horse scene was Junsu arriving in the afterlife, the next stage in his career, ready for battle. But you know, this is just my interpretation…

Junsu Xia Flower Music Video 12

The MV Execution

Junsu Xia Flower Music Video 8This is no Ayyy Girl and thank the lord for that. Don’t get me wrong, that song is a classic (my definition of classic apparently involves Kanye West gargling an egg) but the video is a hot mess. I mean I love it, but only because I love hot messes. With it’s crumbling pillars, awkward slomo shots and strange Greek god references, Ayyy Girl is the music video you NEVER show the friend we all have that detests K-pop – that is just gonna lead to a bloodbath. You can try to defend it, but good luck with that.

But back to the execution of this MV, well done, well done. The style reminded me a lot of the film Flash Gordon (1980)…I think that movie was critically panned though…Who cares! Who cares! Junsu Xia Flower Music Video 15The costumes were exquisite, the robotic masks were killer, the sets were lavish, the lighting was perfect (he has retired lens flare, I repeat, the lens flare is gone!…for the most part), the smoke machine was working overtime, and the CGI backgrounds and mutant dinosaur pony were well done. This budget was beautifully distributed. Also, I loved (what S called) the Saint Seiya scene with the golden armor, giant lion and heavenly light…great…now I want this MV to be turned into a musical…

The Dance

Junsu is JYJ’s dance machine. I’m pretty sure he was a belly dancer in a past life, he just gives me that vibe. This is the Spirit Fingers Up In The Mountains move:

Junsu Xia Flower Music Video 11
You know what, just watch this masterpiece. Watch this diva dance with music!

The BEAUTY  & Wardrobe

I guess Vogue was right, silver nails are really in and I need to buy a bottle ASAP because Junsu sold that to me in a heartbeat.

Junsu Xia Flower Music Video
Now, let’s talk about the glorious golden-armor-sequined-monstrosity below. This thing has AU fanfic written all over it and I know, I KNOW there are at least three on their way as I type this. Also, somewhere in Korea there’s a department store missing its entire aisle of gold spray paint.

Junsu Xia Flower Music Video 13

I mean, look at them! They have to at least be destined to save the world from an asteroid!

Junsu Xia Flower Music Video 14
Then there’s his Prince Lestat moment and I just…no words.

Junsu Xia Flower Music Video 16

MV Rating: 5 Stars / 5 Stars

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    Does anyone of you know the DIrector of the music video? or even the production designer or the production house? They haven’t been given the credit they sooooooo deserve.

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    Great review!!!! I’m on my way writing my own review and surfing to find what others think about this. Did u cracked urself to write this? since, oh, I didn’t think about the meaning that deep. Love it so much!!!!!

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      Thanks! It was just my interpretation, but I’m sure yours will be great as well.

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    I think you might have gone a little overboard with the GIFs.

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