BIGBANG “Bae Bae” MV Review

Music video review for BIGBANG's "Bae Bae."
BIGBAANG Bae Bae Music Video

Today, I’ll be review BIGBANG‘s “Bae Bae” A.K.A. These are some seriously potent hallucinogens at play here MV.

The Song

BIGBANG Bae Bae Music Video 5My favorite K-pop band EVER is back! And I don’t like this song. We’ll see if it’s a grower like “Love Song” but the track just sounds extremely disjointed to me. The beginning is one of those GD solo tracks I tend to skip, then it goes into Taeyang breathy ballad territory (but like RISE ballad not Solar ballad), then it’s “DOOM DADA” all over again, soon we settle into Remember era throwaway my-feels pop track with Daesung’s cut, and we end on a high note with Seungri mini album whispering perfection. So, as you can tell, I’m a bit divided…

These lyrics are obviously about sex, or cooking, take your pick. BIGBANG Bae Bae Music Video 6G-Dragon compares the love of his life to his second love – fashion. He’s naked in the blink of an eye, needs sunglasses because this girl’s beauty is blinding and his blood “keeps rushing to that one place again.” Yes, Kiko Mizuhara is very, very pretty, I agree. Meanwhile, T.O.P goes the art route since that’s his latest obsession. He calls the song’s love interest his muse, makes a reference to a deer work of art (I’ll talk more about this below) and then bam, “We’re comfortable, so sticky.” Aaaaand “Sticky rice cake! HOO! Bae Bae!”

Soon Seungri comes in and he’s all like, “You’re my precious flower.” And “Don’t get plucked away.” You greasy bastard. You’ve been hanging out with Jonghyun, haven’t you?

The MV Plot + ExecutionBIGBANG Bae Bae Music Video

All of you are probably wondering, how on earth did this concept come to be? Lucky for you guys, I am like best friends with one of the group’s managers. So this is what happened. T.O.P went up to the other BIGBANG members and said, “Dudes. It’s cool. I’ve got a concept idea. I was co-curator of the Asia Artist Award Group Show last April so I borrowed all this expensive art for free for 24 hours to use in our MV.” Don’t think I didn’t spot that bubble deer by Kohei Nawa, T.O.P! You said it was your favorite piece by a contemporary artist during your interview with Sunday Magazine.BIGBANG Bae Bae Music Video 2

Anyway, GD was like, “I love it. I’m going to start the MV looking like a malnourished schoolboy who can’t remember which way is my morning commute and then I’ll just start pretending the statues are coming to life and talking to me because I’m also dehydrated. I also want to touch a lot of fake boobs.” Then Taeyang looked up and added, “I want to be a lone ranger in the middle of the desert with long flowing hair, a cowboy hat and tight, tight leather pants…on a majestic horse.” And no one had the heart to tell him how utterly ridiculous that sounded so they let him just do it. BIGBANG Bae Bae Music Video 3Then Daesung suggested, “I think I want to be on the world’s tiniest deserted island and then a mermaid is going to come out of the ocean covered in glitter and I’m almost going to make out with her, but not really.” And T.O.P told him to make out with her but Daesung didn’t listen. Finally, Seungri just couldn’t hold it in any longer and blurted, “I need to be bathing in a god-like light at all times like Justin Timberlake.” And everyone ignored him, so they didn’t even know what he was doing until the day of the shooting. Trust me. This happened. I have insider knowledge…

BIGBANG Bae Bae Music Video 7Now to the details. You put UNDERWEAR on a CHAIR? T.O.P, I know YOU think chairs are sexy but trust me, the general public would have been able to contain themselves when seeing a ‘naked’ chair. Anyway, you guys were so, so subtle in this MV with T.O.P throwing white ah we’ll call it “milk” towards a model’s face with a syringe, multiple closeups of vagina-looking flowers, then cutting to the clenching force of a Venus flytrap, and then, just because you could, T.O.P and the model just have full-on orgasm faces and you cut to the scene of a baby on a field of flowers. Just, hilariously subtle…Wow, look at all this rushing water that represents nothing. Look at these rice cake meteors crashing, that represent nothing. The debauchery! I want to see Korea try to ban this.

Scandalized South Korean Ministry of Gender Equality & Family Member: You can’t have suggestive white substance on flowers!

YG Entertainment: No, no, I assure you, that was not our intention. T.O.P just has terrible aim.

BIGBANG Bae Bae Music Video 8Director: God dammit T.O.P, that’s our ninth take! Whatever, let’s move on, we’ll use it!

Bottom line: this video was about sexual fantasies mixed in with popular folklore (I get the use of hanboks, but we would have gotten the reference even without them). After all, the moon is a representation of long life and prosperity in South Korea, so being high as kite on the moon is the equivalent of paradise.

The Dance

BIGBANG Bae Bae Music Video 9

HA! That’s funny! You know this a BIGBANG MV, right? We’ll count Taeyang’s hair flowing in the wind as a dance move just to give them some points. Also, their little ceremonial circle and skirt lifting routine, we’ll call that freestyling. Please don’t do the latter at a club, you will get arrested.

BIGBANG Bae Bae Music Video 10i can't with you

The Beauty + Wardrobe

BIGBANG Bae Bae Music Video 11G-Dragon praying to the fashion goddess so she blesses his eyeliner.

BIGBANG Bae Bae Music Video 12For heaven’s sake…I love you guys, I do. I can’t say I’m surprised by anything that I saw in this MV. T.O.P in a blindingly colorful suit (mind blowing), lizard king eyes, and with a hairstyle that looks like he’s in the midst of getting abducted by aliens. G-Dragon wearing half his weight in clothes, Taeyang looking like he got robbed on his way to a cowboy convention, Daesung apparently just got back from Tokyo Fashion Week (I immensely enjoyed your shirtless shot), and Seungri is freaking flawless after raiding Justin Timberlake’s closet. I mean, what did I expect? This, really.

Taeyang likes wearing fringed leather jackets on the red carpet,BIGBANG Bae Bae Music Video 13 T.O.P stopped giving a crap years ago, and G-Dragon once skinned a yeti. ∗Shrug∗ It’s just another day for a V.I.P. But I need a moment to talk about Seungri’s ETHEREAL blonde-white hair because he is looking incredibly handsome with it. This is seriously the best he has looked, ever. Keep this hair. I also really like Daesung’s puppy-dog bangs, keep those as well, but you know, look both ways before crossing the road. And as for you Taeyang, you return Taemin’s bleached black wig this instant, do you hear me?!!?

Anyway, let’s appreciate some moments:

BIGBANG Bae Bae Music Video 14You look like Johnny Depp’s stunt double in Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas….

BIGBANG Bae Bae Music Video 15∗Caresses screen∗

BIGBANG Bae Bae Music Video 16∗Dies∗

BIGBANG Bae Bae Music Video 17why do you do this

MV RATING: 4 Stars / 5 Stars ∗Even though I don’t like the song…these idiots have me every time.∗

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