Fashion Faceoff: Go Kyung Pyo Vs. Do Sang Woo Vs. Park Sang Hyun In Valentino Combo

Go Kyung Pyo, Do Sang Woo and Park Sang Hyun wore the same Valentino butterfly combo - but who wore it better?

Park Sang Hyun Arena Homme Plus May Do Sang Woo Cosmopolitan Magazine April Go Kyung Pyo Ceci May Issue 2015

In the last (male) Fashion Faceoff, doe-eyed king Luhan faced model-actor Lee Jong Suk in the battle of the Coach cardigan. After an interesting back and forth, Luhan won with 69% of the votes. For this week’s battle, we bring out the butterflies! No, seriously. Former Saturday Night Live Korea cast member Go Kyung Pyo, forever-unimpressed eyebrows owner Do Sang Woo, and ex-idol Park Sang Hyun (holds back sob) wore the the same Valentino combo. The $750  butterfly print polo shirt and $980 twill trousers can be yours at Barneys. (In the first-class cabin of a speeding airliner, Jessica Jung just woke up in the middle of her sleep.) Both articles walked Valentino’s Spring 2015 Menswear collection runway show.

Go Kyung Pyo wore the shirt and pants in the May issue of Ceci. He finished off his look with a black undershirt and multiple rings. Meanwhile, Do Sang Woo modeled the pieces in the April issue of Cosmopolitan. He accessorized with a beige blazer and his cheekbones that could cut steal. Finally, Park Sang Hyun sported the twosome in the May issue of Arena Homme+. For his photo, he wet his hair and then pretended that he was left home alone while his family vacationed in California.

So, who wore it better? Vote for your favorite below!

Go Kyung Pyo

Go Kyung Pyo Ceci Magazine May Issue 2015


Do Sang Woo

Do Sang Woo Cosmopolitan Magazine April Issue 2015


Park Sang Hyun

Park Sang Hyun Arena Homme Plus May Magazine 2015

The shirt and matching pants can be seen below at Barneys. (Jessica opens an eye and looks around suspiciously again.)

Valentino Spring 2015 Butterflies Polo and Trousers

(Sources: Arena Homme+, Cosmopolitan, Ceci & Barneys)
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    Go Sang Sang!

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      I can’t with you. Still angry about the cabinet!

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