Instagram Find: Yuri’s “Lapiz Sensible” Sunglasses

Yuri looks like a happy bug on Instagram and I love it.

SNSD Kwon Yuri Instagram Sunglasses

Yuri update! The star finally stopped posting pictures of her dogs and took a selfie while in a car (or spacious airplane?). Her Lapiz Sensible sunglasses caught my eye because apparently I have a thing for sporty stripes. I have reached a revelation. The accessories also have blue-tinted lenses and that “eyebrow rim” that won’t die. You can shop for the affordable pair below!

Lapiz Sensible Ayalon Sensi Blake Blue Mirror Sunglasses ($166.00)SNSD Kwon Yuri Instagram Sunglasses 3

(Sources: Yuri's Instagram & Hot Sunglass)
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