Instagram Find: Key’s “Gentle Monster” Sunglasses

What I would give for Key to play Maureen in a Rent musical...

SHINee Key instagram gentle monster sunglasses 2015 fashion

SHINee‘s Key officially owns every pair of Gentle Monster sunglasses every made. No, seriously. If you don’t believe me, check out his Instagram—insane! Key’s philosophy is that no outfit is complete without a floppy hat, expensive Valentino purse or round pair of shades (gold rims preferred). One of the most classic yet casual glasses he’s worn were the Gold Fish 2 01, which are available in three different colors (black, pink, blue). I’ll say they’re semi-affordable, though these accessories are far from a novelty. Key coupled the shades with a denim jacket and Steve J and Yoni P “broccoli” sweatshirt. You can shop for Key’s favorites below!

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Gentle Monster Gold Fish 2 01 ($260.00)

SHINee Key instagram gentle monster sunglasses 2015 fashion 3

(Sources: Key's Instagram & Gentle Monster)
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