Affordable Fashion: Sungjong’s “Levi’s” Scarf

That auburn dye job is top-notch!

INFINITE's Sungjong Marie Claire Magazine October 2015 Photoshoot Fashion 3

INFINITE‘s Sungjong was the ideal shopping buddy in the October issue of Marie Claire. Look at him, picking sparkling heels and Furla bags for you! He’s very pretty, I’m surprised he didn’t start his career as a model. Anyhow, the star’s pictorial was filled with Dior vests, The Studio K puffy sandals and Carolina Herrera turtlenecks. I also loved the sets, as Sungjong supposedly made his way from the coat department at a Burberry store to the D.Nue jewelry shop.

Among the showcased affordable accessories, there was a simple Levi’s bandana. Sungjong used the cotton bandana like a scarf and wrapped it around his neck tightly. He coupled the piece with a Kenzo sweatshirt decorated with palm trees and tigers. You can shop for his look below!


INFINITE's Sungjong Marie Claire Magazine October 2015 Photoshoot Fashion
1. Kenzo ‘Bamboo Tiger’ Sweatshirt ($253.00) & ($287.00)
Blue cotton ‘Bamboo Tiger’ sweatshirt from Kenzo featuring a round neck and long sleeves.

2. Levi’s Paisley Bandana, Navy ($14.00)
Once a western necessity from years past, this classic bandana can add an unchartered edge worn as a headscarf, a tie, or handkerchief—the options to accessorize are endless.

(Sources: Marie Claire, Levi's & Farfetch)
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