Brown Eyed Girls’ “Basic” Album Review

An album review of BEG's latest release!

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Brown Eyed Girls are back with Basic! It’s been more than two years, but they have returned with a vengeance…

cloud4Ice Cream Time
This song has a nice groove to it! Going by the lyrics, it’s about wanting to spend the night with their lover. The women compare themselves to a flavor, asking him to remember it. They also talk about melting on his lips and getting tipsy on the sweetness. Quite the interesting lyrics. The group has always been able to be sensual in a tasteful manner. The references are playful instead of boring and blunt. “Ice Cream Time” is a nice relaxing start to the album.

Warm hole
There’s no denying that this song is about sex. The lyrics don’t leave much room for subtlety. Brown Eyed Girls want it and they’re not being shy about it. It’s nice to see a song that talks about this while the music video is just a little more subtle, in a playful way (Bunnies do love holes…). I loved their outfits, which were sexy but not over the top. And the retro pastel vibe was pretty cool too!

When listening to this song I fell in love with this album. Well done Brown Eyed Girls, making me love your album only three songs in! Impressive. The harmonies in this song are just great. For instance, right after Miryo’s rap, I can imagine this song playing on a quiet night, when you are just relaxing, maybe looking at the stars. The lyrics are beautiful, but I personally find it a bit difficult to really understand what the song is about. But you don’t always have to fully understand a song to love it. This is on repeat!

Brave New World

The main song the girls are promoting for this album is “Brave New World.” It has some elements that remind me of “Sixth Sense.” Yet, the song still sounds fresh and new. I found those elements interesting and a nice reference to their older work. Narsha and JeA probably sing my favorite parts of the song; they sound amazing. I feel like “Brave New World” uses so many instruments and the song is divided into layers that seem disjointed at first but then come together. I think it’s a great song for their comeback since it shows off their unique style and singing abilities well.


In “Obsession,” the girls ask to be left alone, for they want their obsession to go away. They are begging. Or as the chorus goes:

Leave me alone.
leave me leave me
useless fantasy, curiosity
oh don’t shake me
release me leave me
my brain is full of melody philosophy
oh stop playing with me”

It makes for a really sensual song. The instrumentation and the delivery by the girls really drive home the feeling of them begging. Miryo’s rap suits this very well.

brown eyed girls basic album

God Particle

This song makes some clever references to Higgs-Boson, also known as the “god particle.” This is the particle that gives everything its mass. Other than that, there is a great beat to this song. My favorite part is probably around 1:34, the song just sounds amazing there. There is a fun push and pull feeling to the song, which matches well with its title.


“Light” gives me the feeling that, even though things may seem dark and terrible, there is hope and light. You have to fight for what you want, but you can also focus on the sky and the light. When I looked up the translated lyrics, this feeling was confirmed. The girls talk about how difficult life can be, they acknowledge this and don’t brush it off. Yet, they also encourage you to keep going, have faith and keep fighting. I enjoyed when they sang the part, “To the sky.” But my favorite aspect of the song was the ending:

all my fear inside
all my hate inside
I won’t keep them inside myself
They cannot fill me up
We gonna fly up higher

to the sky find the light
looking for my light
gonna fly never cry
following my old dreams
everything will start as light again
someday I’m gonna find a way

ah someday”

pink smiokeAtomic

I just love it when they sing “Atomic boom!” This song uses electrons and an atomic bomb as a way to explain how love feels. That feeling of being overwhelmed by love and that you might explode… Clever and well done.

ga in 2015

Dice Play

I really enjoyed the vibe this song gave off, even without understanding the Korean lyrics. Especially the “heyyy, stayyy” – that part is lovely. This is a calming song to me, even with its faster beat and interesting elements. Also, more clever lyrics! This time it’s about playing dice, rolling the dice and betting. They’re telling you to bet on them and roll the dice.



Now this is a great way to end the album. It’s a slower song that shows off how well Brown Eyed Girls can sing, even with minimal instruments in the background. “Fractal” is a song about missing your last relationship. It doesn’t try to hide how vulnerable you can feel when that happens, it actually makes it into the strong point of the song. When the girls sing: “Stop, don’t, breaking my heart,” they really sound vulnerable and convey the feeling of missing someone very well.


Brown Eyed Girls prove they still have it. More importantly, they show why they have been so influential in the past and that they can still play a major role in K-pop. My personal favorites from this album are probably: “Wave,” “Light” and “Obsession.” Though “Dice Play” and “God Particle” are great too… Basically the whole album is great! (pun intended). It’s going on my list of things I’d like to get for Christmas.

(Sources: Hyperlinked YouTube Accounts & LyricTranslate)
  • Ice Cream Time
  • Warm Hole
  • Wave
  • Brave New World
  • Obsession
  • God Particle
  • Light
  • Atomic
  • Dice Play
  • Fractal
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