Product Review: W.Lab Water Holic Lipstick Collection

K-beauty product review for W.Lab Water Holic Lipstick collection!

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It’s time for another Korean makeup product review! This week I’ll be doing a review on the W.Lab Water Holic Lipstick collection, which was sent to me by Korean cosmetics online shop Q-Depot. The line features five lovely colors and is known for its high adhesiveness, high color expression and high moisturizing effect. According to the brand, the line is made of a soft formula that melts onto your lips and “moistly coat the surfaces.” As you guys know, Korean beauty products are all about long lasting intensity and dual skincare, so all these colors are primarily made of natural ingredients to keep your lips healthy. Let’s see if these products make the cut and look good. Let’s jump into the review!

The Collection

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First off, let’s talk packaging, shipping and appearances. Q-Depot is awesome when it comes to safely shipping products in larger-than-life boxes and I spent an entire day pinching bubble wrap. The lipsticks come in individual boxes with the color name on the tops. I would suggest keeping each color inside it’s own box because the number and name of each shade isn’t on the actual black tube. Although the colors are distinct enough that you can differentiate between them, if you want to restock, it would be easier if you knew the name. The tubes are very traditional, to-the-point simple.

Color Close-Up

korean cosmetics W.Lab Water Holic Lipstick - 5 Colors 8Real Red

First up, Real Red! I thought this color was going to be more tamed, perhaps the right word is matte. I thought it would be a dark red almost mixed in with a wine purple. But once it was on my lips, it was like hot-whoa-red! I immediately noticed that “moisture” effect that makes it look as though your lips are wet. It makes them look very nice; it’s the shiny strawberry effect! This is probably the most serious color of the line and the most sophisticated. I give this the Most Practical For Work award.

korean cosmetics W.Lab Water Holic Lipstick - 5 Colors 9Pure Red

Pure Red is not pure red. So. Much. Pink. The name is very confusing. However, this color is very sweet, bold and dreamy. I think it would look nicer with a fading effect, really dark in the middle and lighter around the lining of your lips. I’ll try it like that the next time I put it on. I give this the First Date Material award.

korean cosmetics W.Lab Water Holic Lipstick - 5 Colors 10Pop Orange

Holy orange! Pop Orange does indeed pop. This is actually the shade I was looking forward to the most because orange is very hard to pull off and I was hoping the color looked somewhat flattering on me. This is undoubtedly my favorite color in the collection. Despite the intense color, it can appear peach-like in darker lighting. For photographs, it stood out the most out of all the colors; don’t wear black with this, I think you might look a bit terrifying (beige and browns!). I give this the No One In This Party Has This Color On award.

korean cosmetics W.Lab Water Holic Lipstick - 5 Colors 11Hot Pink

Hot Pink looked like a medium pink while in the tube, but once it was on my lips it became fuchsia. The hints of purple give you a sleek, seductive look. The lipstick eventually became my second favorite color; it grows on you since it’s not an every-day shade that you see on the street. I’m thinking it will look killer with this vintage lace dress in my closet or a little black dress. It’s just a very versatile color. This lipstick was also the most intense and the hardest to take off. I give this the Double Take award.

korean cosmetics W.Lab Water Holic Lipstick - 5 Colors 12Coral Pink

The only color that didn’t surprise me and was in fact the soft pink I expected was Coral Pink. It’s pretty, safe and oh so lovely. I give this the Don’t Want To Overthink My Look Today award.

Main Ingredients

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The ingredients differ depending on the color, although most are natural. They include hibiscus, wild strawberry, pomegranate, raspberry, peach blossom, etc. To read the full list, click here!

Caution: Remember that some people (like me!) can have serious allergic reactions to certain products. You should apply the product on your hand and wait about half a hour to see if it irritates your skin. If you see redness, bumps of feel itchy, do not apply this lipstick onto your lips.


starsThe one thing that can’t be denied is that these colors are super soft on the lips and glide on simply and comfortably. The only downfall to that is that you can end up with a more vibrant, heavy application than you initially wanted. These aren’t colors you would wear for a subtle look, they are really bright and shiny. This is more of a “statement” line rather than a “pretending I have nothing on” collection. I personally totally loved it. Each shade really fit a different style personality, from the trendy fuchsia of #Hot Pink to the classic and timeless quality of #Real Red. I have to give these 5 lipsticks corresponding 5 stars because together they present a range of colors for any mood.

Where To Buy

korean cosmetics W.Lab Water Holic Lipstick - 5 Colors

Each color is sold separately for $16.55 at Q-Depot. The store also has a reward point system and each particular color is worth 1273 purchase points.

q-debot shop

(Sources: Q-Depot & W.Lab)
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