Month In Review: November 2015 K-Pop Releases

A list of some of the K-pop releases in November.

Ah, November, when the cold starts to really creep in and the ballads take over. Therefore, it can become a bit of a boring month – since ballads are not really my thing. Though November also tends to see the release of some dance songs, which are more my style. Time to look back at this past month and evaluate the music that was released.

1〉 Gavy NJ

GAVY NJ’s “Hello” is a nice relaxing tune, with a simple music video to go along with it. I enjoyed the song, their vocals are good and the rap fits in nicely. A rap can be quite tricky in a song like this, but here it did flow well and had the same type of energy as the rest of the song. The MV is a little bare, but I don’t mind it. It works well with a song like this. My only issue is that while taking out all the colors except red is a great idea, it could have been done a bit better. There are a few moments where you see some red in their skin, which looks weird. Other than that, good job…

2〉 Brown Eyed Girls

Next up are the Brown Eyed Girls, who released two MVs this month. I absolutely loved their album, you can read my review on it HERE. As for “Brave New World,” I think it’s a great choice for their comeback as a group. It shows off their unique style and talents very well. And the music video looks amazing, even though I don’t completely understand what is going on in it. Highly recommend checking out the rest of their Basic album, especially “Wave” – which is my favorite song on the album. 


VIXX and “Chained Up” – those words are probably the wet dream of a lot of fan girls. Not sure if this MV is what they’d picture, though I must say the boys do look good here. That box/room filled with flowers that Ken is in, is just amazing. Although, those gold chains that Leo is working with do make for an even better visual, there’s just more he could have done with them. The chorus is very catchy too! E did a full review on the song, MV and dance, which you can read HEREin case you want more details. As for me, I’m glad to see VIXX has returned to their darker concepts, those really work well for them.


EXID has returned! The MV for “Hot Pink” stays true to the name of the song; there is a lot of pink in it. It also follows the musical theme that EXID has been following with their last few releases. There is more to the song than meets the eye at first. In this case, the girls tell you how you should look beyond someone’s appearance. There is more to a person than just their looks. I really like this about EXID. Yes, they release songs that sound amazing and are very catchy, but they also incorporate some social criticism into their songs. It’s not all about love or heartbreak. Thank goodness! And the MV has some fun sexual innuendo or references in them. Another catchy release by EXID!

November Verdict

Though November is often the month for ballads and other typical winter songs, there were also some other interesting releases. Brown Eyed Girls made their comeback with one of my favorite albums of 2015. So I’d say this was a good month. Next is December, which will probably bring us lots of Christmas songs and those company songs by all the artists under a label. Hopefully, it isn’t all predictable and boring…

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