Month In Review: December 2015 K-Pop Releases

A list of some of the K-pop releases in December.

December: the last month of the year. And the month in which many groups or companies release some sort of Christmas song. For example, we had “Softly” by the artists under Starship Entertainment and SMTown’s winter special project “Winter Garden,” that entailed the release of three songs. One by f(x), which is worth checking out, one by Red Velvet and one by BoA. In this review of December, I want to focus more on some other releases. Let’s see what the end of 2015 brought us!

1〉 Phantom

First up is Phantom with “Could you be mine?” This is a song with a smooth groove to it, nice and relaxing. I really enjoyed the mix of their voices. And the music video is fun to look at, they seem like they are enjoying themselves and not taking things too seriously. Rapping with their back turned to the camera, for example. The color scheme finishes it all off nicely. Well done.

2〉 Girls’ Generation TTS

Girls’ Generation TTS released a song completely in English! And the lyrics all make sense! That’s a rare thing to see in K-pop. They also released a Korean version of “Dear Santa,” but I want to focus on the English version here. The song has a slow start, which makes you think it’s another Christmas ballad, but then 1:25 hits and we switch gears to a much more upbeat song. I enjoyed the switch and the MV that comes with this song is a joy to watch as well. The girls look good and they’re having fun. Plus, the little nod to “Lion Heart” was a fun addition. Compliments to the girls, they sound amazing here and their English pronunciation is spot on. Of course, Tiffany grew up in the USA, but Taeyeon and Seohyun didn’t and they nail it as well.


Speaking of fun songs, here’s another one. LABOUM‘s “AALOW AALOW” makes you want to dance along with the girls. The music video adds to that feeling. The girls are playing, doing silly things and dancing. I also loved their outfits! Those longer skirts really work nicely. I’ve been wanting a skirt like that for months now so it was fun to see how cute they can be. And it proves that you don’t always need short skirts to make girls look good.

4〉 Verbal Jint

Last on my list is Verbal Jint. He released a full album in December. One of the songs on that album is “If the world was perfect,” which features Girls Generation’s Taeyeon. I thought this was a wonderful collaboration, they both sound great and their voices work really well together. The lyrics are the real highlight of this song though. I highly recommend that you look them up. Verbal Jint talks about things that are wrong with this world. Meanwhile, Taeyeon’s main line ( “I could only pray.”) adds a wonderful depth to the message of hope, that things will become better. Or as Verbal Jint says, “I know I’m not the only one,” there are more people who want to make things better, who want to work to improve our world. So yes, there is a lot that is wrong, but there is hope that things will improve.

December Verdict

Personally speaking, December doesn’t bring the most interesting music, though I found some gems this month. The end of the year shows are great fun though, especially when singers change up their stages for these shows or when there are special collaborations done. Happy new year everyone and let’s hope 2016 will bring us good music as well!

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