Month in Review: February 2016 K-Pop releases

A look at of some of the K-pop releases in February.

February, the month of love. Well, just Valentine’s Day really… In the releases, you can tell spring is around the corner, and more of the big groups are making their comeback. Let’s see what this February brought us!

1〉 4Minute

The month started off with a release by 4Minute. “Hate” is the title song of their latest album. I’m, still, a bit torn on this release. I absolutely loved the beginning of it, with Gayoon, Hyuna and Jihyun. Their parts flow nicely together and are building on each other. When Sohyun’s part comes around things start to get disarrayed a little bit, but even her part matches with the first three. But then the chorus hits… And even after numerous listen-throughs I still don’t like the chorus, its too different from the rest of the song. For me, the instrumentation is too harsh and the chorus could use some more of their voices. For example, a great backing track. Just the instruments and the rapping parts, it doesn’t work for me. Jiyoon’s part right after the chorus is lovely. And that’s pretty much the theme for me for this song, I love the verses, but don’t like the chorus at all.

One thing they did very well with this song is the start of it, how it flows from something that might be a ballad to Hyuna’s rap and then Jihyun. It’s a lovely progression from a slower song to something more upbeat. Even if you don’t like this song, I suggest you check out the rest of their album Act. 7. “Canvas” is my favorite on there, though the other two songs “No love” and “Blind” are great songs as well. It goes to show that the title song isn’t always indicative of how much you’ll like the rest of the album.

2〉 Rainbow

The next song I want to discuss is “Whoo” by Rainbow. This is a fun release that makes you want to move along with the girls. They look gorgeous here! I loved that they really worked with the rainbow theme in this MV. The girls wear the color they represent or are dancing in front of a wall in that color. Really fun to see them go back to their origin and incorporate their name into the MV so well. Not sure what the black balls and balloons are for though. Oh well, it’s good to see Rainbow make a comeback that is well crafted, I hope they get the attention they deserve!

3〉 Mad Clown & Brother Su

A collaboration between Mad Clown and Brother Su. Mad Clown often releases songs where it’s really worth your time to pay attention to the lyrics. This song is no exception. It’s a sweet song, talking about how they hope a love interest will come along suddenly, like in comics. And just about wanting to do the simple little things, like eating ramen together or going to the beach. Love doesn’t have to be about doing these big, impressive things all the time. Often, you feel the most lonely when it comes to those little things. Like eating alone versus eating with a friend or loved one. So go and watch the MV, with subtitles!

4> Mamamoo

Last up for this article is Mamamoo with “You are the best”. This song shows off what Mamamoo does best; songs with a retro influence and amazing vocals. The start alone is just great with its “Shhh” and then the epic sounding start… I’m loving the attitude they show here, not just in the MV, but also in the vocals you can really hear it. And the harmonies! Those are just amazing! Mamamoo has some great singers and they show what they can do. Not just in belting those high notes, but also the more subdued lines. I’m loving it. Moonbyul’s second rap is integrated into the song in a way which I love, with the little lines by Hwasa and Wheein in between her lines. And good gracious, Hwasa has some attitude! That girl is just amazing. Of course, all of them are. The MV is fun, colorful and just a great watch with all the little details and the girls being silly.

A great little addition to this song was the reference to their previous releases “Mr Ambiguous,” “Piano man” and “Um oh ah yeah”. The rest of the album is great too, you really need to check it out. It includes some songs they released in the month leading up to this album. “I miss you” is an amazing ballad, while “1 cm pride” goes in a totally different direction and shows their crazy side. If you haven’t seen the MV for that yet, you’re seriously missing out!

February verdict

These are just a few of the releases this past month that I think are worth your time. February also brought us “Galaxy” by Ladies’ Code and “Press your number” by Taemin. Of course, there’s plenty more still, but those two are also high quality releases that are worth checking out. I’d say February has been a great month with some awesome releases that you’ll end up playing for longer than just the period in which they are promoted.

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