Month in review: April 2016 K-Pop releases

A look at of some of the K-pop releases in April.

This was a month full of releases! We had some big names and things are warming up for sure. I’m always loving it when we’re transitioning into spring/summer. Let’s see what this month has brought us!

1〉 JYP & Conan

JYP returned this month with two releases; “Still Alive” and “Fire.”  “Still Alive” comes with a pretty fun MV, where JYP uses some of this old releases and brings back… the plastic pants…. Those alone make it worth a watch. “Fire” has, in my opinion, a better sound. And it comes with an equally fun MV. The team-up with Conan and Steven Yeun works very well. I love how they chose a dance that Conan can do as well. The MV went a bit crazy though with the fire breathing and skulls… But that sort of craziness is also a strong point of K-pop. What is in that bottle though?

2〉 NCT U

SM’s new boy group is NCT U. We’ll have to see how they do, but given that its SM, they are likely to become a big success. They’re taking a different route though, with the different subgroups they will have instead of a fixed number of members. It will be interesting to see how it works out. As for this song, it gives me hope that there are some good things in their future. I really enjoy the feeling this song gives off. It helps you relax but it’s not low in energy, it has a rather hopeful feeling. Their voices suit this song very well. Great debut!

3〉 Lee Hi

Lee Hi is back with the second half of her album and I’m loving it! “My star” is another song in her own style, with the clear old school influences. The attitude she shows off in this song is great, it’s good to see her own a song like this. The groove of the song is amazing and makes it really fun to listen to. The other songs on this second half of her album are great too, she even wrote the lyrics and music to one of them. Go check it out!

4〉 Twice

The girls from Twice are back with another song that mixes a lot of different elements. It looks like this is the style they will be going for. I’m not too sure about it yet. It sets them apart from other groups, that’s for sure. But I think it worked better in their debut song “Ohh-ahh”. “Cheer up” feels a bit more messy to me. The MV is great though: all the girls have a movie they are pulling inspiration from. They clearly have a personal style and the transitions between the parts are done very well. For example, the transition at 0:44: Tzuyu stands up and starts singing as we switch to her own movie where she is in the same pose as in Mina’s story. Very well done with the shooting and editing!

5〉 Lovelyz

Last up is Lovelyz with “Destiny.” This type of song isn’t usually my style, but I thought they deserved a mention in this article. The song is good, but what really got me was the MV. I really enjoyed how they filmed it and the transitions in it. They matched the lyrics that talk about orbiting around someone like you are their moon with what you see in the MV. There are a lot of circles and things that reference the planets. I hope they get some recognition for this great release and that they will continue to release quality releases such as this.

April verdict

All in all, April saw some fun releases, with Conan being turned into a K-pop star and Lee Hi performing magic tricks. May should be another interesting month as we get closer and closer to summer and both Tiffany and Jessica are slated to have their solo debut. It’s going to be a good month for K-pop.

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