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Re-bye & How people move!

Akdong Musician is back! They released a new album (Spring Vol. 1) on the 4th of this month. It’s been two years since their last album, so they took their time to release new music. But I think it’s been worth the wait. Let’s see why!

In this post I’m going to discuss the two MV’s the siblings released for this album. The rest of the album is definitely worth checking out as well, but that’s a whole different post…


The Song

Re-bye starts off with a delightful little motive sung by Suhyun. Then her brother joins in and the song really starts. I greatly enjoyed the feeling of this song. It’s laid back but does have plenty of quirk to it. The voices of Suhyun and Chanhyuk blend together really well.

Checking out the lyrics is really worth your time as well. AKMU is amazing with their lyrics. Their songs are not typical love or breakup songs. They incorporate something more. For example:

It’s hard to see the feelings of attachment
It’s hard to find a true partner
Leave me alone, I can’t calm down, I’m already too upset
Look at the times we live in, those who share are called fools

Chanhyuk writes about society and the times we live in as well. Though we might not like to admit it, he does have a point with what he writes about society’s standards.

The MV Plot & Execution

The MV has a good story to it. I’m not entirely sure if and how it matches with the lyrics, but I love it. The sibling pair shows some great acting and the story is entertaining to watch. Suhyun dreams of becoming the main actress in the play instead of being her maid.

And she’d totally nail it, as you can see here…

The siblings both have good acting skills, which makes you really believe the roles they are playing. It’s a fun MV to watch, so check it out!

The Dance

You can easily dance along to “Re-bye”. It’s a simple, fun dance with the hand waving and the special wave for the higher motive. The dance also has lots of little details that make it fun to watch, so checking out a live performance or two is great fun as well.

The Beauty & Wardrobe

Both Suhyun and Chanhyuk look great in this MV. Their outfits match their roles very well and even when they aren’t playing the stars of the show, they do look great.


If you don’t check this song and MV out, shame on you!



The Song

“How people move” is just amazing! Right from the start you want to move and dance along with the brother and sister. The song has some serious groove. And when they sing in that opera style…. Can’t get enough of it!

Did I mention that the lyrics of AKMU’s songs are often great too? This song is another example. It talks about how the siblings are happy to be humans instead of toys and that it’s amazing to see how people move. There are little fun details in the lyrics as well, I love the humor that’s in there:

It’s cool to see how people move
How their arms and legs go back and forth
How their rib bones show when they take a deep breath
And when they exhale, how people in front frown and pinch their noses

The MV Plot & Execution

This music video matches perfectly with the lyrics of the song. The siblings somehow get trapped in a world of toys from which they have to escape.

Chanhyuk gets tied down by the toys…

And they both get trapped in a giant bird cage.

I’m also just loving the attitude they show here.

For example, in how goofy they are, playing around and pretending to hit each other. And they just seem so happy singing this song, especially Suhyun.

The Dance

Oh, the dance… It’s just great! There are lots of little details that make this routine amazing. The fun the siblings are having, the little pretend hits and the kicks and how it matches with the lyrics. For example, when they sing about how you can see the ribs moving when someone takes a breath.

The Beauty & Wardrobe

The wardrobe is on point! The brother and sister match very well together, but they aren’t in similar clothes. I really like how they each have great outfits without being totally matchy-matchy. Amazing job stylists!


I’m off to listen to the rest of the album!

(Sources: YG Entertainment)
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