Month in review: May 2016 K-pop releases

A look at of some of the K-pop releases in May.

And just like that, May has come and gone. This month we had a lot of releases that I want to talk about, but I can only talk about so much in this article. Anyway, the summer releases have started! Summer is my favorite time of year for K-pop and it has started!

This month was off to a great start with the return of Akdong Musician! (I wrote about their two MV’s here). But let’s see what else May brought to the table.

1〉 Tiffany

A second solo debut from Girls’ Generation and this time it’s Tiffany’s turn. The song is good, relaxing. Doesn’t completely match with the title though, it’s just a little too low in energy to really dance along to. Of course, they have an energetic choreography, but given the title I expected something with a little more groove. What’s good about this solo debut is that it is clearly different from the Girls’ Generation style and also different from what Taeyeon has released so far. This song and the rest of the album are very Tiffany. And there is plenty of pink for her, both in the dance scenes and with the filters. But hey, that’s appropriate because Tiffany is known for her obsession with that color.

2〉 AOA

AOA is back with a summer jam. This really is a great song for summer. It’s got a good beat to dance along to and a memorable hook. And the MV! They have some amazing shots in here, especially at the beach and when they are dancing in front of the setting sun. Great job! Putting time and effort into an MV really payed off. The girls look good too. I think my favorite outfits are the all black looks. The rest of the album had some good songs on it too, I especially liked “Cherry pop.” It’s a shame they’ve already put an end to the promotions of this song. This way, they risk the song being forgotten pretty soon, especially given the onslaught of girl group releases we often see during the summer.

3〉 Jonghyun

Jonghyun returned with the rather interesting “She is.” I can’t help but wonder if they choose to pronounce “She is” almost like “shiz” or “shit” on purpose and why they did that. And I haven’t been able to make any sense of the MV. It’s probably full of symbolism but I’m completely missing it. Shame, because a good MV can really add to the meaning of the song, but something this complex will not be understood by many people. There’s a lot of yellow in this video too. Oh well, he sounds great here. There’s some cool things they do in this song. Like the harmonies that you hear in the background and some of the transitions. They are a little different from the standard things you usually hear and I’m liking it!

4〉 Luna

Another solo debut from SM. It seems SM is working hard on promoting their solo artists and letting people make their solo debut. A solo release from Luna is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. She has a great voice and can really belt out some amazing notes. This song is a little different from what I expected, but in a good way. She shows off how well she can sing, but in a way that is less obvious. You really have to listen for it to catch all the things she’s doing here. It’s also interesting to see that this is the sort of music she’s releasing. Great choice though, it really sets her apart from the typical pop releases that you often see. The 360-shots of the elevator were pretty cool too, they had some good transitions in there. Luna, keep on doin’ what you’re doing!

May verdict

This month had some interesting releases. There are a bunch more songs that I could have talked about like Oh My Girl’s “Windy day”, which is worth checking out. Or the rather sexual “Apple pie” by Fiestar. Then there was also Jessica’s solo debut and Amber released two songs as well. Overall though, this month was a good start of the summer season, but I hope it gets better. I need some really great songs that will last me all summer (or even longer) and to be honest, this month not a lot of those have been released. There were good songs, but maybe just one or two that I will keep listening to for months to come.

[Sources: Hyperlinked YouTube videos]
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