A look at of some of the K-pop releases in July.

Ah, July, another summer month. It brought some hot weather here and it meant some vacation time for me. But not for K-pop idols. There have been a good number of releases, so let’s take a look back.

1〉 Wonder Girls

The Wonder Girls are back again. Last year they tried the eighties. This time, they took their inspiration from the seventies, and it works out great again! They sort of stick with the whole band concept, though in most live performances they just went for a dance version. Probably because it’s easier with the logistics. The song has a laid back feeling, with some reggae influences. Not something you see very often in K-pop, but I enjoyed it. It’s nice to see groups shake things up some and try incorporating a new style into their songs. The outfits were on point as well, especially the crochet outfits. I’m loving those! Great summer release girls. Plus, the other two songs on this mini were good as well, so check them out.

2〉 Heechul and Jungmo

Heechul and Jungmo have released a collaboration song again! This video is worth watching just for the MV alone. Seeing Heechul act in love and do all those things is just wonderful. He pulls off the whole “fool in love” thing very well. And they aren’t afraid to make themselves look funny, which makes the video even better. Singing a trot song works surprisingly well for Heechul, his voice suits this style of singing. He also puts a lot of emotion into his singing. A fun release!

3〉 Eric Nam

Speaking of people who aren’t afraid to look a little silly… Here’s Eric Nam with “Can’t  help myself.” He looks all dorky and not too polished. I mean, look at those white socks, pulled up high… Yet, they strike a great balance in this video. He doesn’t look too silly, he’s still adorable and good looking. Great job on achieving that! It makes Eric look very relatable instead of a K-pop idol that is too good looking and too far away. Oh, and those dance moves when he’s all alone! Those are great fun to watch. Eric sounds great when singing this song, as always.

July verdict

And that’s all for July. This month has been slower with the releases than June, though there were still some interesting ones. What were your favorites of this past month? And what are you most excited for in August? Is it Hyuna, B.A.P., Infinite, or maybe the new girl group from YG?

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