Month in Review: August 2016 K-Pop Releases

A look at of some of the K-pop releases in August.

The last month of summer is over… but it seems K-pop groups were determined to end summer with lots of great summer songs! There’s no way I can discuss them all, but let’s take a look at a few that were offered.

1〉 Basick

First up is Basick with “Nice”. This song comes with a gorgeous MV! It’s worth watching just for the landscapes, editing and overall beautiful finish. I definitely want to go on vacation there! As for the song, it’s nice and relaxing. Basick also picked the right artists to feature. G2 and Hwasa compliment Basick very nicely. I’m going to keep an eye on Basick… Damn you Rainbowbridge world, you have Mamamoo, eSNa, VROMANCE and Basick, all great talents!

2〉 BlackPink

BLACKPINK in your area… YG’s new girl group has finally made its debut. And you can tell right away they are a YG group, with the style they are going for in both “Boombayah” and “Whistle”. I’m still debating if I think they are too much like 2NE1 or just enough. What makes it a little more difficult is that both groups have that typical YG feel. Oh well, they are definitely a group to watch. I was very impressed with their voices, those girls can sing!

3〉 I.O.I 

Finally an I.O.I song that seems to suit the girls perfectly. Of course, this is a sub-unit of the group that was created during the Produce 101 tv-show. They will only be promoting as a group for a short time (about a year)… Anyway, let’s not get sidetracked by all that and look at the song. Like I said, this is the first song they’ve released that I thought actually suits them. The girls look very confident in the MV and during live performances. They sound amazing too! The song is a remake, but an amazing remake at that. Those harmonies! Very, very well done. Hopefully their next releases are just as good.

4〉 Laboum

Laboum is back with a high energy song that really makes me want to get up and move. Watching their live performances is great fun, especially the start of the dance and the move you see around the 0:42 mark of the MV. They incorporated the “shooting” into the dance in a fun way. The same can be said for the MV. Just try and see how many different weapons they have in there, from pink hand grenades to a listening device filled with flowers. I’ve been keeping my eye on this group for a while and knew they had some good singers, but still Soyeon managed to surprise me. Keep up the good work girls!

5〉 Triple T (Hyoyeon, Min, JoKwon) featuring JYP

Last up is the confusing “Born to be wild”. Just seeing JYP on SM’s channel confused me. The song isn’t exactly my cup of tea either, but I enjoy seeing SM try these sort of more unexpected songs and  pairings. It really produces some interesting music. Besides, I love seeing artists from different companies collaborate on a song. Think of all the possibilities! Just hope those won’t use as many light flashes as this MV, it was just way too much.

August verdict

All in all, August was a great month and I haven’t even covered half of the releases that I found interesting or worth a mention. I mean, we had VIXX, Hyuna, B.A.P, Yuri & Seohyun, Park Jimin (love, love that album!), Ailee, SPICA, NU’EST and many more. Im excited for September with all this amazing stuff we’ve seen.

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