A look at of some of the K-pop releases in September.

September was a very hot month here, but I really loved it! I had some  days off and got to enjoy the sunshine. It is also my birthday month and I had a great time! But was K-pop any good this past month? Let’s take a look…

1〉 Red Velvet

Red Velvet is the first group I want to take a look at with their song “Russian roulette”. This release is a combination of their “red” and “velvet” side. I have to say, it works out quite well for them. The music video is typical Red Velvet, artsy and confusing, but the girls look great. I’m not loving all of their outfits though and the looks they have been wearing on music shows are worse…. Nope, not my style. The song and the rest of the album are my style though, I’m having a hard time deciding which song is my favorite.

2〉 Infinite

“The Eye” by Infinite is dark, one of their darkest concepts to date. The MV really adds to that creepy feeling. The members of Infinite do sound amazing though. Plus, their dancing is on point, as always. It’s great to see them perform on festivals and music shows. The dance break alone makes it worth your time to watch them. Infinite really excels in synchronized and sharp dances. While it’s not likely that I will replay this song often, I really appreciate this release. It’s well produced and executed.

3〉 Mamamoo

“I say mama, mamamoo”. Ah, September brought us the return of one of my favorite girl groups. Mamamoo released the single “New York”. The music video is great fun! Wheein pretends to be in New York to seem more interesting to the guy she’s in love with. Just watch the video for all the faces Hwasa makes. That girl shows attitude! I love that, in this song, Wheein gets more time to shine than previously. She’s a great singer and it’s good to see all members of this group get a chance to shine and show what they are worth. The same goes for Moonbyul, who has multiple raps throughout the song instead of the traditional single verse. I’m looking forward to their next release, which I hope is an album, not one song….

4〉 Crayon Pop

The quirky queens are back! They spell their name and go straight into the catchy chorus to make you get up and move. I’m not sure why they chose a cat to play a role in the music video, but it is fun to watch. It’s goofy and silly. Crayon Pop proves once again you don’t need many big sets to make a music video, a couple of smaller ones can work just as well. I’m loving their outfits, especially the red long pants and blouses. Where can I get a blouse like that?! And as we’ve come to expect from the girls, the song is very catchy!

September verdict

September was a good month, it’s brought us some interesting releases. For example, Gain with “Carnival” and Ryeowook and Bada with “Cosmic”. Maybe some releases were a bit unexpected, but they were great. The end of summer doesn’t mean the end of fun releases either, something that Crayon Pop proved with “Doo Doom Chit”.  Let’s hope October will be a good month as well.

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