A look at of some of the K-pop releases in October.

Fall is in full swing and I’m loving it! This past month has brought us many fun releases, many which you can still dance along to. Plus, October means Halloween and MVs inspired by the creepy holiday! I’m also loving the darker colors being used. Besides, the clothes the artists wear in fall and winter can actually serve as inspiration for your own wardrobe. (It’s too cold here to let their summer wardrobe be an inspiration). Anyway, let’s take a look at some of the releases!

1〉 Monsta X

First up is Monsta X, a group I never paid much attention to before this release. But “Fighter” is amazing! From the opening, with just the breathing, to the epic start of the music, which sounds like the soundtrack for a movie. And then going back to the breathing before picking up the rest of the song and finally the countdown. This song has many great elements. I love how they drop out the music a couple of times and just have someone taking a breath before continuing. It fits very well, like taking a breath before you continue to fight. The backing track is great too; the whole song just sounds like the soundtrack for an action movie, so epic! Clearly, Monsta X is a group I’ll be keeping my eye on from now. Great job guys!

2> SHINee

Next up is a blast from the past. SHINee has gone back to the 90’s with their latest release. The music, the outfits and the music video all scream MTV-still-playing-music era. And I kinda love it. Despite cringing at some of their outfits, it somehow all works and is a fun look back at my younger years (Gosh, do I seem old now?). The transitions in the music video are also very typical of that era. SHINee has fully committed to the concept, props for that! As always, all the members of the group sound amazing. It gets even better if you listen to the little things happening in the background, for example, the harmonies. SHINee is known as one of the best vocal groups for a reason!

3〉 Ailee

Ailee back as well. This song fits her style well, but it’s also a change from previous releases. I’m glad that she’s switched things up. She’s a great singer but, to me, her previous songs were all starting to sound too similar. “Home” feels both familiar and new. It’s clearly an Ailee song, but she also shows she can do more than you previously thought. Just listen to the chorus, Ailee goes from pretty low notes to high while making it sound effortless. Another thing that I’m loving is her styling in the music video. She looks great!

4〉 I.O.I

I.O.I and JYP, finally! Well, that’s the start of the song anyway. This is the last round of promotions for the group formed in the Produce I.O.I tv-series. They are back with the whole group. The album has a fitting name, since they will disband after this promotion: Miss me?. “Very very very” is about wanting to know whether the guy who says he likes you, really likes you. The girls have been warned about how boys can be, so they want to be totally positive. The song is a good earworm; it really sticks after just one listen. However, I can’t help but long for some more of the awesomeness that we got with “Whatta man”. That song was even better than this… That said, this is a pretty good song to end with. It’s clear the girls have improved since they first debuted. The music video is fun to watch, with all its little details and bright colors. Will you miss I.O.I once they disband?

5〉 Twice

Of course October wouldn’t be complete without at least one Halloween inspired MV. Twice has given us just that with “TT”. The members all portray a different character for Halloween. What they portray has been chosen well, it fits each member. The song itself is an interesting choice for the use of the TT emoticon as the main inspiration. But then again, Twice has had some surprising songs in the past as well. They mix things you don’t expect to see in the same song and make it work. Plus, there are little fun moments in the MV, like them singing “nananana” as we see Sana dressed in a batgirl outfit.

October verdict

This past month was a fun month, with many fun releases for fall. The Halloween inspired outfits and MV’s are always a plus! For me, it’s been a good month music wise. How did you feel about October 2016 in K-pop?

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