A look at some of the releases in K-pop in January 2017.

January of 2017 has already come and gone! Have you guys been keeping your new year’s resolutions? I’m doing okay so far on mine. Picking simple goals probably helped a lot with that. As for K-pop, it seems many groups are determined to make this new year an interesting one. There are some great projects as well, like Day6 releasing a song every month. There was also news about groups breaking up: 2ne1 and Wonder Girls. While this is sad news, both groups will be remembered fondly. They helped raise the popularity of K-pop internationally. So, what was new and interesting this past month?

1〉 AOA 

Ace of Angels kicked off 2017 with two title tracks. In “Excuse me” the girls play detectives trying to get to know more about a mysterious guy. There are some pretty silly things in the music video. Did you see that method of getting someone’s fingerprints? It does fit with the lyrics, however. They sing about how a guy has caught their attention and they want his number. Like NOW. This is a fairly typical AOA release: Choa showing off her vocals, Jimin gets a rap and the sexy concept. Some of the other members get more of a chance vocally too and I’m quite happy with that. If you want to see some magic tricks you’ll have to watch “Bing bing”.

2〉 Akdong Musician

My favorite siblings in K-pop, Akdong Musician, are back! With a full album and a musical short film, which is amazing! There’s too much to go over everything in detail, but I love how they managed to both tell a story and fit in all the songs from their new album into this short film. We get snippets of what the songs are about and sound like, along with this story. The videography is great as well. I especially love the first shots, with the pair at the lake in the snow. Also, can their stylist come do my closet?! The styling is so on point! I’m glad I bought this album as pre-order. Akmu didn’t disappoint me.

3〉 Seohyun

Girl’s Generations youngest member has made her solo debut. Seohyun broke away from her SNSD image and is showing a new side of herself. Although the styling for the music video and promotional pictures are not my style, I like that it’s different from what I’ve Seohyun wearing before. I love how involved she has been with the album too. She wrote the lyrics for (almost) all the songs. My personal favorites are “Magic” and “Bad love”. Totally not the style I thought she would go for, but I love it! It’s better than I thought it would be. I’m looking forward to seeing what else she will bring to the table.

4〉 2NE1

Sadly, the time has come to say goodbye to 2NE1. This group made their debut in 2009. I always enjoyed how 2NE1 didn’t go for the sexy or cute option, but chose the badass route instead. There aren’t many groups who do that, which made them even more unique. After almost 8 years it’s time to let this group go. This MV is a good end. It shows some of their best moments. It’s still sad, but this is a good last gift to the fans. I’m hoping to see more of the members of this group, there was some great talent in there. But unfortunately, that is the reality of the music industry. Not all great talents make it, and if they do, it’s never forever… At least we got to enjoy the performances of these four ladies for almost 8 years. Besides, we can still listen to all the music they did give us in that time.

January verdict

So far, I’m liking 2017. Despite the sad news about 2NE1 (though I think we saw that coming) and Wonder Girls breaking up. There have been some good releases so far and more planned. What are you most excited for in 2017, K-pop related?

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