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  • EXID Solji on The Ranking Is Up To Me!

    Video Tutorial: Solji’s Top 5 Lipstick Choices

    On the second episode of online show The Ranking is Up To Me!, EXID‘s Solji ranked her five latest lipstick purchases from the least practical to omg-gonna-wear-this-for-the-rest-of-my-life. She tried a soft coral that would go great with smokey eyes, an orange shade Hani wanted to steal, a pink fuchsia...
  • Video Tutorial Irene Kim's Natural Day Makeup Look 2

    Video Tutorial: Irene Kim’s “Natural Day” Makeup Look

    Am I the only one who finds beauty tutorial videos oddly relaxing? No, just me…okay…Model Irene Kim is known for her trendy makeup on the runway, but she prefers a more natural look on her days off. Turns out she has a YouTube account filled with beauty tutorials! I...

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