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  • Spazzkid Releases Daytime Disco Featuring Neon Bunny

    Spazzkid Releases “Daytime Disco” Featuring Neon Bunny

    Yay, I get to update my K-Indie section! The whole reason I even created it was for Ms. Neon Bunny. And good news! The lovely artist is featured in Spazzkid’s latest single Daytime Disco. I have to go brew some coffee, put on three scarves, fit into an over-sized...
  • Humming Urban Stereo 4

    Song of the Week: Humming Urban Stereo’s “M.E.A.O.H”

    I write this with fear that E may get a new obsession. An Electropop band made by Lee Jee Reen. Guest vocalists include Shina-E and Humming Girl, the latter whom passed away in 2012. Lee composes, arranges, sings and writes their music. They’re so indie that it hurts to Google...
  • Xiumin Coffee The Celebrity Magazine

    K-Pop Coffee Songs

    Coffee culture is growing in Korea and this coffee addict is pleased! The country’s number of coffee shops has more than doubled since 2005. The increase is partly attributed to the changing pace of the workforce—coffee is quick, cheap, easy and in style. Even K-Pop Idols have gotten into...
  • neon

    Neon Bunny “It’s You” MV Review

    Neon Bunny is finally back with It’s You! Pinch me, I’m dreaming! The Song Why are her singles always so flawless? This song is catchy, it’s dreamy, it’s perfect. She has her signature “ooh, ooh, ooh” as the hook here. One listen and I’m already singing along. From all...
  • five

    K-Indie Moment: Neon Bunny

    Mini Bio Lim Yu Jin (Korean: 임유진; born February 14, 1983), better known by her stage name Neon Bunny (Korean: 야광토끼) is a South Korean indie and synthpop singer. She is under the Doggy Rich label, an independent label founded by an artistic collective of indie-singers. Neon Bunny began...

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