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  • K-Pop Doppelganger f(x) Krystal and Girls' Generation Yoona

    K-Pop Doppelgangers

    There are six billion people in the world, meaning, that are at least six other people who look exactly like you out there. Creepy, right? So, is it possible that some K-Pop idols can find their doppelgangers in the same industry? Here’s a list of idols and entertainers who...
  • Girls' Generation I Got A Boy Daum Cafe Ranking

    Ranking of Top 30 Daum Cafés

    Looking at the number of members in an artist/artists’ Daum café is always a great way to see if their popularity is increasing or decreasing in Korea. So it’s the beginning of 2014, let’s see who’s on top! I wonder if things will change by December… 1.) TVXQ/DBSK Members:...
  • F.T. Island Lee Hongki Nail Book Buy SkullHong

    K-Idols That Have Written Books

    In the Korean entertainment industry it is the norm for bands and solo singers to release photo books. However, idol books aren’t always just companion pieces for albums or concerts where artists pose for the camera. Some idols have written actual fiction books, self-help books and others have even...

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